Beginning of New Life.♥

Wrote this poem for Amit Bhaiya's wedding.
I pray and wish happiness for both of you and I know you are the ones from the story that says - "And They Lived Happily Ever After" :) 

A predestined bond between two souls,
That will make two incomplete lives whole,
And will create the fusion of two families,
A wedding that will hold them together infinitely,

Rituals will be performed to take the sacred vows,
That will ensure the purity of love for rest of life,
The promise will be taken to always be together,
Happiness will fly over everyone like a feather,

A wedding that is meant to find someone special,
Someone who will know you better then yourself,
Someone who will always bring smile on your face,
And someone who will soon make your life complete,

Every smile that you will have on blissful mornings,
Every laugh that you will share on evening coffees,
Will become sweetest little moments for the life,
The wedding will make the walk of life full of thrive,

An anticipated moment that is going to arrive soon,
A moment that will count every second spent together,
A moment for which everyone waited so long,
A moment that will make you together for lifelong :)

AnSH :)

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