It was always Just me....

One day we met..
She said She loves me,
She said I'm the best part of her life,
She said I'm the one who makes her complete,
I believed her so much,
I Loved her so much,
I kept my heart open for her,

After some time…
She said She cried a lot in night,
She said She missed me a lot,
She said that pain was sweet,
She said I should feel it too,
But I said don't want to,
Because I can't be away from You...

Then one day...
She said She don't want to keep anything from me,
She said She hates me,
She said She never Loved me,
I said Please stop kidding and don't scare me...
I asked her again and again but never replied me...

When everything was fine,
When I did no mistake,
Why it all ended with dreads,
I guess I missed out something,
I guess I believed her truly,
I should have learned that,
She Never Loved me,
It was always Just me....


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