Book Review: I'm Heartless, A real Confession (Vinit K. Bansal))

Book:  I’m heartless… A Real Confession
Author: Vinit K. Bansal
ISBN:   8183520960
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers
Book Courtesy: Vinit K. Bansal

With the completion of my Post Graduation I completed another book in my one-night-read manner. This time I got “I’m Heartless… A Real Confession” by Vinit K. Bansal.
The book comes with a tagline “This is not only a story rather it is real confession of a lover” that you can see with its cover picture that indicates it’s not a regular love story that will end with “and they lived happily ever after”. It a tale of a guy Viren, whom author mate in a really strange situation where he was about to die and the Author got to know about just a bit of his love story. Later Viren finds the author trustworthy and ask him to write his story as novel and author did that. Story run around a post graduating student who is, according to author, said to be a day dreamer, an egoistic, a hopeless romantic and an attention seeker afflicted with a bizarre madness and arrogance engulfing him. And throughout the story you can find many places where you can feel it clearly but one thing author missed was Highly Self Deluded mindset of Viren. He was full of I, Me, Myself behavior but found no quality in him that can make him so dominant person and for me he was just a regular guy. He fall in love with a girl and in the meantime several other girls fall in love with him, but for the sake of his loyalty for his True Love, he ignored them all, including himself. He has friends Like Max, Sunny, Freddy, Jiya, Om and Mansi (Who later became the main lead of story) and they did their part very well, exactly like the saying “we all are meant to do our part”.
Initial chapters are quite out of flow and as I heard earlier that books from Mahaveer Publishers are full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, this one too had ample of them which contributed by a fair margin in breaking the flow here and there quite often. The flow is scattered till chapter 8 and 9 but after chapter 10, story picked up the flow and sailed smoothly till the end. Every chapter after chapter 9 was in correct context and maintained the same pace with every passing chapter. Events were described in detail and expressions were self descriptive, unlike early chapters where I found some unnecessary detailing of expression (like and exclamation mark describes a Shock on its own, you don’t need to express it, and similarly many expressions are self understood).
I like the way of storytelling of Mr. Bansal, considering “I’m Heartless” being his first novel but language needs a lot work. It’s losing edge at many places, sometimes Start of chapter is really good but after proceeding further it let down me. But I really liked the simplicity of language; it’s a true I-can-read-without-dictionary language and I’m sure these grammar issues will resolve in his next (?) for sure.
Few things I noticed were,
1.      Self Contradiction:   In chapter 6, Author said Viren told everything about Pari to Mansi, but in chapter 17, Mansi says she know nothing about Pari. How it happened?
       2.      Chapter 8 broke the thought flow in really bad manner that I almost thought of leaving the book for a while and continue reading later sometime but somehow I read it in one go.
       3.      Chapter 9 did nothing but felt like an attempt to cut a few chapters by editor and say a lot many things in few pages, that was really irritating part of the book. But later after chapter 9 flows was smooth and just perfect.
      4.      Author said Viren was a poet, but no piece of his poems can be found in the book, disappointing for me.
      5.      I strongly felt need of an Epilog, because I was eager to know what is current situation.

To conclude this review I’d say, I’m heartless is a book that you probably won’t read if you just hear its name due to perception of just another love story, which it’s really not.
It’s a mature story and Mature because the way characters are behaving are really appropriate for PG students. There are many moments when you will find yourself smiling like a nut and shouting out “Damn! It’s true!!” real loud because they are written with very keen observation. I found some characters to exist without any need but still they coalesced in story in a way that they don’t feel useless. Storytelling is Good, but not very good. You can read it in very short span of time that too with least effort and after reading you will really find the Actual meaning of its Title. Prologue provokes to read it further but initial chapters failed to grip my mind but later as story picked up the pace, I forgot my Coffee and was just lost in the story.

Since I don’t rate books, hence no ratings for this book too.
Happy Reading :)

AnSh :)

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