3 years and Still I'm writing!!

I had a friend who always used to push me to write what I feel and I always told her “Writing is your thing, not mine” and insistence always used to push away on that moment. But as they say “You never know what is in sands of time” so Time changed, things changed and most importantly I changed.
It was June, 2009 when I first wrote something that’s really not an article but it was something that I had in my mind. I wrote about how I got my bike and registered a blog on blogger.com with domain “oddagainstcrowd.blogspot.com” and made first post on My Blog. Shared it on orkut and facebook with some friends of mine who really wanted to shoo me by saying “okay I will read”, not all but, some actually read it as I told them to read. Later after a month or so, I changed the domain name to “anjit-speaks.blogspot.com” and started writing more frequently, regardless of language, subject and theme, and I actually started enjoying it. Earlier I used to write only when I stay alone or feel like bursting out some emotions, but later I realized I write almost all the time, even when I don’t have my computer nearby or any paper, I write random lines on air with my finger…sounds strange, but I often caught me doing so…
So now after 3 years, and 138 posts and with some 23000 views from different parts of the world, I am feeling a bit strange… never felt that ever but should I really stop writing blogs now?
Because I wrote short ones almost every day on my facebook status and on facebook pages, but I am struggling to find something worth posting on blog.
Am I being too specific?
Looks like I need a break…may be from everything…


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