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Book Review: Left From Dhakeshwari (Kunal Sen)

Book: Left From Dhakeshwari Author: Kunal Sen ISBN: 9381836353 No. of Pages: 208 Mr. Kunal Sen is a multi talented personality. He is an investment manager by profession and an actor, director, writer, film reviewer and book reviewer by choice. ’Left from Dhakeshwari’ is a collection of nine short stories and his first solo book. When I read the name, I assumed that Dhakeshwari was a place, but upon reading, I realized that it is a temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhakeshwari literally means Goddess of Dhaka, which I find interesting. A collection of nine tragedies, nine stories; stories of urban loneliness, lust, death, obsession, memories and marriages, but found together in seductive melancholy when you are or when you have.. left from Dhakeshwari. The title denotes a dimension that’s both a time and a place: a point of departure and the forbearer of journeys. Pensive women with souls of poetesses and violent men with eyes of children, the characters in these interconnected stories are also…

A Suicide Story

It’s over now. We are talking for the last time. Never ever try to call me. I am never going to see you again. Although, she read it over and over again, it still was hard for her to believe that her four-year-old relationship ended over an SMS. “Meer ?... Meer!” her mom screamed from the dining room. “No dinner, Mom,” she replied.  “I already had Maggi in the evening. I am full.” The thoughts of Rohan still haunting her. A perfect relationship had ended just like that. Too hard to believe. Meer had tried calling Rohan many times but his cell was switched off. And so were her senses. ‘I will end my life. I will jump off from the roof, that will definitely kill me’ she thought, and typed an SMS to Rohan. “I am leaving. Forever. Whenever you will read this sms, I won’t be there to read your reply. Lots of love…. Meer.” She punched the send button. Her Mom and Dad were already in their bedroom, while Dexter slept in his home- a cardboard box. She couldn’t resist cuddling him for the last ti…

Book Review: What Young India Wants (Chetan Bhagat))

Book: What Young India Wants 
Author: Chetan Bhagat  ISBN:  9788129120212 Publisher: Rupa Publications No. of Pages: 208
Some people call him Rockstar Author, while some say India’s most Loved Author, some other call him “One of Most Influential Person” (Ranked 21 by TIME magazine in 2010m in Artiste category), and he is often considered as a Youth Icon. But does everyone truly love this person? Not really, critics hate his writing style; his articles in various newspapers are considered as ‘Blabber of a Lesser Known’, and his novels are often tagged as ‘Bubblegum Literature’ and even once he was called 'Rakhi Sawant of literature'. However, he shuts them all by his polite smile and a simple sentence “It’s a lazy criticism”. 
So who is this famous chap?  He is Chetan Bhagat, one of the most successful author of 21st century, in terms of fan following, in terms of sales and in terms of haters, and I am telling you just in case if you still haven’t read the Title of this review! So he…

Book Review: The Drop: Harry Bosch #17 (Michael Connelly)

Book: The Drop: Harry Bosch Series #17 
Author: Michael Connelly  ISBN:  1455518980 Publisher: Grand Central Publishing   No. of Pages: 448 Book Courtesy:

Michael Connelly, a former journalist, is a cult author of crime novels. He is master of mixing realistic details of police work and legal procedures with the private feelings of police officials and personal lives of his protagonists. Back in 2009 I readThe Closurewhich was his eleventh book inHarry Boschseries, and became his diehard fan. Now, in 2012 I got my hands onThe Drop,his seventeenth book in Harry Bosch series. So world’s favorite homicide detective is still hunting for criminals hiding in darker side of the world.
Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD and he wants cases more fiercely than ever. In one morning, he gets two.DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29-year-old convicted rapist. Was he an eight-year-old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the …

Book Review: And Then It Rained (Gaurav Dashputra)

Book: And Then It Rained : Coz Life Ain't Always a Fairytale 
Author: Gaurav Dashputra ISBN:  9380349572 Publisher: Srishti Publications  No. of Pages: 210 Book Courtesy:

Often we see Engineers turning Authors, but Gaurav Dashputra is different. Hailing from the orange city-Nagpur and completing his medical education in Dr. D. Y. Patil University in Navi Mumbai, here we have an Author from Medical field. Yes from Medical Field! ‘And Then It Rained…’ his debut novel, is based on college life romance, which is most popular genre among readers and writers nowadays. Now since everyone is writing the same thing what makes ‘And Then It Rained’ different? Let’s find out. Jacket is good, but only when book is in your hand. Title is little unreadable when you see from even distance of a shelf of any bookstore, which really not good for readers who read without recommendation. A lighter background or a little larger font for title and tagline would have helped a lot. Thoug…

Mindlessness -> Mindfulness

What happens when you have a long day ahead and literally nothing to do except flipping through pages of review copies of the books that you received earlier or watch a movie that you might have watched earlier, but thinking of watching again or maybe stay online on your social networks? Well that’s my story. After completing my post graduation, all I am doing is reading novels, writing reviews, traveling to different places, watching movies that shows as recommended movies on homepage and updating useless posts on my social networks. I am neither irritated nor bored with it, I kind of like this state, but there is sheer idleness that is really not my trait. So for the sake of my salvage from this joblessness I decided to do some meditation and calm my mind. Often people think meditation is a state when we sit with blank mind, without any worries of hustle and bustle of life, feeling calmness that you never felt and a way to be closer to the divine. It’s true to an extent, but…