A Suicide Story

It’s over now. We are talking for the last time. Never ever try to call me. I am never going to see you again.
Although, she read it over and over again, it still was hard for her to believe that her four-year-old relationship ended over an SMS.
Meer ?... Meer!” her mom screamed from the dining room.
“No dinner, Mom,” she replied.  “I already had Maggi in the evening. I am full.” The thoughts of Rohan still haunting her.
A perfect relationship had ended just like that. Too hard to believe. Meer had tried calling Rohan many times but his cell was switched off. And so were her senses.
‘I will end my life. I will jump off from the roof, that will definitely kill me’ she thought, and typed an SMS to Rohan.
“I am leaving. Forever. Whenever you will read this sms, I won’t be there to read your reply.
Lots of love…. Meer.”
She punched the send button.
Her Mom and Dad were already in their bedroom, while Dexter slept in his home- a cardboard box. She couldn’t resist cuddling him for the last time. He responded by wagging his tail slowly. His eyes were wide and looked bigger than usual.
“I won’t be back,” she said with tears brimming from her eyes.  “I am going forever. Take care of Mum and Dad. I will miss you. Love you Dex. ”Dexter responded by resting his head on her hand.
She took keys of the roof from the key chain holder she’d bought last week from Khan Market. She’d bought a Two Hearts Together picture frame too, but that was of no use now. She slowly moved out from her flat, making sure not to make any sound. With a heavy heart, teary eyes and soundless steps, she started to climb up the stairs.
She lived on second floor, and their apartment was four storeyed.  It took her just five minutes to reach the common roof. Her heartbeats increased when she saw the door unlatched already, but she didn’t want to go back at any cost.  She pushed it, and it opened with a little screech. She turned around and looked down the stairs but no one showed up. She let out a sigh of relief. 
She peeped around to see anyone's presence, and her luck favored. There was no one around.  She checked her cell phone for a reply, but there was none. 
“How heartless! Now I will show him what I meant in his life” she said looking down the roof.
‘It never looked that high from below but from here it’s looking like 40 stories!’ she thought.
Parapets of the roof were around two and a half feet high, but were low enough to climb up. So she pushed her legs a bit and next moment she was there, about 40-50 feet from the ground. To the front was the unlit Apsara apartments’ building, a flickering street light and a dustbin lying down the road. The wind made her t-shirt flutter and a distant sound of a dog’s bark sent a shiver to her spine.
‘Am I doing wrong?’ she thought for a while.
“Yes, you are,” a guttural voice came from her left. A guy, nearly six feet tall, was standing upon the parapet, few feet from her. She almost lost her balance, but she somehow managed to not to fall.
“Who are you? And what are you doing here? How did you know what I am thinking?” she asked in a trembling voice.  Fear of being caught engulfed her.
“I am Anjit. Insomniac, you know. I am just doing what I do every night.” he replied while sitting down on the parapet and signaled her to be seated as well. She sat there with a little hesitation, and he noticed that.
“So, what’s your plan? Do you think that falling from here will actually kill you?” he asked without looking into her eyes.
“I wasn't trying to jump, I was just...” she said, trying to sound confident but ended up mumbling to find more words.
“Oh, so you came here to take some fresh air, or maybe stalk that guy who lives in Apsara’s 2B. Right?” he replied with a smirk on his face. His hair was waving over his forehead, and his hands were tapping on the parapet, making an atypical tune.
“It’s none of your business. I never saw you, who you are, and how you came here? You must be a thief!” she said looking right into his eyes.
 “I stay at 4A, ever came to fourth floor?” he replied looking right back in her eyes.
“Umm maybe,” she realized that it was really her first time when she came up here.
“So, your boyfriend dumped you for some silly girl, who is an inch taller than you but extra 5kgs make you  look shorter. And now you are the most depressed soul on earth, and you want to shed that extra weight to make the planet lighter. Right?” he said in flat tone.
“How do you know everything?” she couldn’t stop asking. He literally knew everything.
 “I just know. It doesn’t matter how. Truth is what matters.” he replied while looking down at street light. It wasn’t flickering anymore.
“I don’t want to live, and that’s what I want. A day ago,  we were happy together, and now it’s all over. Why? He didn’t even feet the need to talk to me. That asshole SMS’ed me. Could you believe a break up on SMS! How lame.” Tears found their way down leaving marks on her dry cheeks.
“That’s all?” he asked while his eyes still focused on street light.
“That’s all! Do you think something more can happen?” She burst into tears. Her sobs turned into a loud cry.
“No, it’s hell that happened to you, but ending your life only for this reason doesn’t seems reasonable enough,” he said as he turned to look into her eyes. Street light flickered twice, and then became regular.
“Love sees no reasons, and a broken heart is beyond love too.” She tried to throw some logic in her support, absurd though.
“Ha Ha Ha, which movie? From where did you learn so cheap a line? Don’t tell me it is Cartoon Network,” and he burst into laughter.
“What the hell! Please go fuck yourself. My life is ruined here, and you find it funny! What kind of a person are you?” Anger filled her voice while her eyes were still brimmed with tears. Now more because of anger than sadness.
“Chill, girl, chill. That’s what I am saying.  It’s not funny at all. Do you know what will happen when you jump from here?” he pointed down to the hard concrete floor.
“Yes, I will die instantly” she replied looking at the same direction.
“No, you will not. It’s just 43 feet from ground. Atmost you will get few major fractures, some blood-loss and a lot of pain, for next months and an agony for a lifetime. Family will ask you why you did such a foolish thing, but you won’t be able to reply because you will be in a trauma. Months in the hospital, far from the outer world, no one to talk to, no one to visit. You are okay with that, Right?” His voice was become deeper with every sentence.
“Umm How do you know?” her voice was now trembling in fear.
“I just know, doesn’t matter how. Truth is what matters.” He smiled looking into her eyes.
“I don’t know what to do” Her tears stopped for a while.
 “Come down. We can talk about it” He climbed down the roof and extended his hand to her. She held his hand and came down the parapet.
 “Thanks,” she said.
“For what?” he asked in a relaxed mood.
“For nothing,” she felt an urge to hug him, but she refrained from it.
She ambled toward the door while he wasn’t looking in any mood of going down. So she decided not to ask him anything.
“Good night, See ya” She waved at him from the door while he smiled and waved back.
As she came back to her flat, Dexter welcomed her by his wagging tail while she tiptoed to her room.
She was feeling lighter, in heart and in her soul. She decided to visit Anjit in the morning and thank him again, and in no time she slept like a baby, ignorant of her surrounding, ignorant of her pain. 
“Meer, wake up beta,” Dad’s voice woke her up. She smiled looking at him, and he smiled back.
“Dad, who lives in 4A?” she asked.
“It’s empty now; no one came to live there from a long. Why?” he replied.
“What! No! It’s impossible!” she yelled, indeed a shocker for her.
 “What happened?” her Dad asked, perturbed after her expression. 
 “What happened? Meer, are you alright beta?” he asked after keeping his hand on her head.
She was still silent, looking blankly in dad’s eyes.
“You saw him?” he asked.
Her eyes brimmed with tears, and her face turned pale.
“Meer, did you?” he asked again.
“Hmm” she replied. 
“Oh my poor girl, don’t worry, everything is alright. Daddy is with you. Don’t worry.” She hugged her dad tight. She was shivering of fear, clueless to reciprocate. 
“Dad, who is he?” her voice trembled but now she was feeling safe in dad’s embrace.
“They lived here years ago. His name was Anjit. People say one night he was walking on roof and he fell off from the roof, and died instantly. Some say it was an accident, while some say it was suicide. No one knows the truth. And after that incident, many have seen him sitting on parapet or walking on the roof. So no one goes there in the night. Where did you see him?” he told her everything he knew about him.
“On the roof, I was feeling sleepless, so I thought…” she agitatedly replied.
“You could have woken me up, beta. Don’t ever do such thing again. I’ve never heard about him harming to anyone, but we never know.” he kissed her forehead and told her to get ready.
Though her Dad’s words relaxed her, but it was hard to believe that she was saved by a ghost!
She looked out of the window. It was raining, and mist has covered the window glass. And a little smiley was clearly visible on the left panel. She smiled back.


I want to thank Jasindah Meer for giving time to read the first draft and beautifully editing my rough work and allowing me to use her name as central character. (She won a contest on my profile :P ) 
Hope my story didn't waste your time. 

AnSh :)

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