Mindlessness -> Mindfulness

What happens when you have a long day ahead and literally nothing to do except flipping through pages of review copies of the books that you received earlier or watch a movie that you might have watched earlier, but thinking of watching again or maybe stay online on your social networks?
Well that’s my story. After completing my post graduation, all I am doing is reading novels, writing reviews, traveling to different places, watching movies that imdb.com shows as recommended movies on homepage and updating useless posts on my social networks. I am neither irritated nor bored with it, I kind of like this state, but there is sheer idleness that is really not my trait. So for the sake of my salvage from this joblessness I decided to do some meditation and calm my mind.
Often people think meditation is a state when we sit with blank mind, without any worries of hustle and bustle of life, feeling calmness that you never felt and a way to be closer to the divine. It’s true to an extent, but meditation is a way, and that way can lead to anything or anywhere, it’s on us to decide the destination. For me, Meditation is not sitting with blank mind; it’s full of awareness and emotions. One can see images of people, places from their past or present; they can feel a surge of sensation running through their body. It’s really not mindlessness; it’s more of Mindfulness, where you can know things that you never thought of.  
When your mind is already engaged with so many thoughts, there is no possibility that one can think of futile things that cause unnecessary fret. In such state you will be amazed to know that you are not even talking to yourself, a silence that you never sensed. We often wrap up in our own thoughts and don’t notice what’s going on around us, to unknown people around us, to our dear ones, to our own body. Meditation gives you an opportunity to achieve that serenity which can make you closer to Real You.    
After meditating for some time, you will feel your breath going down through your throat, and coming back from lungs. Heartbeats will clearly be heard and fringes of vivid, mostly symbolic and imaginary, memories. It’s not necessary to sit for a long period with closed eyes; one can meditate in any way he/she wants, even when you are reading a book, or listening to heavy metal songs, even watching a sunset, no limit. All you need to do is free your mind and feel the flow of synergy engulfing you.
I am feeling lighter, what about you?

AnSh :)

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