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Book Review: Circle of Three (Rohit Gore)

Book:    Circle Of Three Author:  Rohit Gore ISBN:     9381841152 Publisher:Grapevine Number of Pages: 256
Mr. Rohit Gore grew up in a number of towns in India and has a degree in Engineering and MBA. He loves doing things that can satisfy the creative daemon inside him. Mr. Gore has two national bestsellers on his name, viz. ‘A Darker Dawn’ and ‘Focus, Sam’. Here I have Mr. Gore’s third book called ‘Circle Of three’. At first, I assumed it a coincident that the book contains three in the name, but later as I explored the book, wonder continues.
The Circle of Three is the story of three people who have lost all hope in life. One day, their paths cross and their destinies are forever changed. Thirteen year old Aryan Khosla has no friends, rarely meets his busy and quarrelling parents, and is tormented by a gang of school bullies. He feels his birth was a mistake and thinks no one would notice if he disappeared from this world. Thirty-three year old Ria Marathe, a successful scriptwriter, lost…

Dream of a Dream

In dreams, 
When you'll be away,
Away from bitterness of life,
Far from the pain of being alone,
Alone for no reason,
Away from the shadows of peace,
And fake happiness,
When only voice could be heard,
Voice of your soul,
When there will be no tears of sadness,
The will become just a myth,
I promise, I will always be around you,
And will always wish you could stay,
Stay for little longer,
When morning will come,
I won't stop and will let you go,
Because I know, Soon you'll be back,
Back in dream, in my Dream,
And we will be together, again....

AnSh :)

Book Review: The Outsiders (Gerald Seymour)

Book: The Outsiders Author: Gerald Seymour ISBN: 1444705881 No. of Pages: 400
Gerald Seymour, writer of twenty eight books, was a reporter at ITN (Independent Television News) for fifteen years and had expertise in covering crime and terrorism. After covering many sensitive topics, such as the Great Train Robbery, Munich Massacre and Vietnam, he became a fulltime writer in 1978. Mr. Seymour’s latest offering is 'The Outsiders’, with praise of Independent on the cover: “Quite simply, the most intelligent and accomplished in the current field” To find the truth, let us explore the book. Winnie Monks has never forgotten – or forgiven – the death of a young agent on her team at the hands of a former Russian Army Major turned gangster. Now, years later, she hears the Major is travelling to a villa on the Costa del Sol and she asks permission to send in a surveillance unit.
The Outsiders by Gerald Seymour
They find an empty property near the Major’s. The Villa Paraiso. It’s perfect to spy fro…

Book Review: Hilawi (Ritu Lalit)

Book: Hilawi Author: Ritu Lalit ISBN: 8179917193 No. of Pages: 164
India is a country of myths and folklores. Every child is told many stories, ranging from pretty princesses, charming princes to hideous monsters and scary forests. However, the fight between good and evil is omnipresent in all of them. Such is the case of Hilawi, by Ritu Lalit, author of A Bowlful of Butterflies. When the chants rise up, Gigi or Gargi Tamang finds that she has to gravitate to the strange object that they seem to emanate from a disc made of a metal that no one can identify. Could the myths that we’ve heard from time immemorial, actually be true?
Yaduvir and Gargi Tamang, twins are nothing like each other; he, a mild-mannered and scholarly youth, and she, a feisty young woman, full of energy. A telephone call from India suddenly changes their lives. They find that they are the designated guardians and protectors of a strange shield that is both co-vetted and feared by their own clansmen. They are completely…

Book Review: Hexagon (Ishaan Lalit)

Book: Hexagon Author: Ishaan Lalit ISBN: 8183520200 No. of Pages: 232
Mr. Ishaan Lalit is from a multi-cultured background. He is a gemologist, a pilot and an adventurer. After authoring, ‘The Bracelet’, he's all set with ‘Hexagon’, with good intentions of redefining Indian Sci-fi writing. This is the first time I'm reading a Science Fiction novel by an Indian author; it's a sad truth that they are too far and few in between. Will Hexagon be able to register its presence in a mostly rom-com loving youth?  Let’s find out.
Hexagon is racy, fast moving and a thrilling tale about Rahul Oberoi, an art thief whose great achievement was that he had never been caught.All that changed when he along with his girlfriend and partner Ria are aprehended during a heist. They are then taken to a top secret underground government facility where Rahul's grandfather worked. In the middle of this facility is an ancient device made of stone adorned with mysterious carvings. It is a gateway to s…

Book Teaser: The Stopover (Ram Prakash, Deepa Pinto)

Every week, I read at least two books, and try to see standpoint of the writer. To read a writer’s story, one needs to push his/her imaginations and visualize the world of their words. It often leads to misinterpretation of thoughts and, in the end, kills the imagination. What if we don’t need to visualize?Oh Please, don’t trouble your brain, Mr. Ram Prakash and Ms. Deepa Pinto have a solution for you, The Stopover. First of its kind, a Photo Fiction! A blend of photography and writing. First time when I heard about this book, it reminded me of my travelogues (Biker Diaries) that always had a story behind the nomad adventures and pictures in support of it, but it was just a travelogue. “The Stopover” promise you to take on a voyage of four uncharted places through four stories with over 100 amazing photographs. I got to read sample chapter of story “The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom” (Courtesy Ms. Deepa Pinto), and found the story very gripping and tempting photographs made the reading a re…