Book Teaser: The Stopover (Ram Prakash, Deepa Pinto)

Every week, I read at least two books, and try to see standpoint of the writer. To read a writer’s story, one needs to push his/her imaginations and visualize the world of their words. It often leads to misinterpretation of thoughts and, in the end, kills the imagination.
What if we don’t need to visualize?
Oh Please, don’t trouble your brain, Mr. Ram Prakash and Ms. Deepa Pinto have a solution for you, The Stopover. First of its kind, a Photo Fiction! A blend of photography and writing.
First time when I heard about this book, it reminded me of my travelogues (Biker Diaries) that always had a story behind the nomad adventures and pictures in support of it, but it was just a travelogue. “The Stopover” promise you to take on a voyage of four uncharted places through four stories with over 100 amazing photographs.
I got to read sample chapter of story “The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom” (Courtesy Ms. Deepa Pinto), and found the story very gripping and tempting photographs made the reading a real pleasure. I must admit that it's really first time I am hearing about something like Photo-Fiction, in India or abroad. I found images on their facebook page pretty good and video trailers of the book are intriguing as well. Clear Imagination, Crisp Storyline, and Unique Concept. This concept is true to the tagline "seek beyond what the eyes see".
Release date is not yet announced but we can expect this amazing book in a nearby bookstore very soon.
To know more:

official website:
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AnSh :)

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