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Stories That I Never Told

Whenever I login to my Blogger Dashboard, I look for few things, 1.       Number of Page Views on my Primary blog (i.e. one you are reading now) 2.       Number of new blogposts on blogs I follow. 3.       And finally, number of posts in Drafts that I never published.
I started this blog back in May, 2008, when a friend of mine scolded to kill me if I won’t do so. To save my life, I registered to blogger and created a blog. After a while, I found it interesting to write and share what I feel, and later it became my need. I used my blog as salvation from loneliness and fill the hollowness that life created. I posted anything that came in my mind, soon after some time I realized that no one actually reads it. So I was the sole reader, occasionally some friends from orkut communities or facebook friendlist drop by and left a comment, but I never had a stable readership. So I stopped for a while and started to post selective thoughts. Later, I learned some basic SEO techniques that helped m…

Burning Will

Found it in my drafts, It's called "Burning Will" and I have no clue WHY!

In the dark sky of night,
I search for a bright star,
Because that's the place,
Where you stay my love, 
In those many twinkling stars, 
That twinkling says,
You are still there for me,
And reminds me to believe,
What you mean for me,
Even in those millions of stars,
I never failed to find you,
Because our love is truly true,
I scare of the mornings,
Which will separate us,
But Night will fall again,
And We'll be together again...

AnSh :)

Image Source: Sahil Photography

Kitaabon wala pyar (किताबों वाला प्यार)

धूप सिमटी थी बाहों में मेरे,
और मैं था उसके आगोश में,
ख़्वाबों के बादल थे आसमान पर,
और प्यार की गर्माहट ज़मीन पर,
धूप फर्श पर सरकती जा रही थी,
यादों की पुरवाई संग ला रही थी,
सारा समां यूँ तो बेहद रंगीन था,
पर जाने क्यूँ मैं यूँ ग़मगीन था,
शायद मुश्किल है यकीन करना,
की ख़्वाबों की बातें हैं बस ख़्वाबों में,
जिसे समझता था प्यार अब तक,
वो बस एक किस्सा हैं किताबों में...

AnSh :)

I'm Always With You: Short Story

"Are we going for a long drive?" She asked looking in my eyes.  I smiled back and said, "Yep, We are." She wanted to ask where but instead she folded her hands and looked at the sky from window glass.   It took me a few minutes to clean up her bed and comb her hair. She couldn't stop giggling whenever I did so. I asked her to stay in the room for a while and came out to see the lift, it wasn’t working in morning, but by now they fixed it. I came back and unlocked the breaks of her wheelchair and started moving towards the entrance of lift. Her smile was still on. She really has the most beautiful smile, divine and pure. I have never seen a smile so innocent that you can feel warmth in your heart. We reached ground floor and moved towards the main gate of the hospital. Girl at reception smiled and waved to her, and I smiled and waved back. It was a pleasant evening, and she saw the old uncle of her neighboring ward sitting on grass with his grandson. He waved to h…