Stories That I Never Told

Stories That I Never Told

Whenever I login to my Blogger Dashboard, I look for few things,
1.       Number of Page Views on my Primary blog (i.e. one you are reading now)
2.       Number of new blogposts on blogs I follow.
3.       And finally, number of posts in Drafts that I never published.

I started this blog back in May, 2008, when a friend of mine scolded to kill me if I won’t do so. To save my life, I registered to blogger and created a blog. After a while, I found it interesting to write and share what I feel, and later it became my need. I used my blog as salvation from loneliness and fill the hollowness that life created. I posted anything that came in my mind, soon after some time I realized that no one actually reads it. So I was the sole reader, occasionally some friends from orkut communities or facebook friendlist drop by and left a comment, but I never had a stable readership. So I stopped for a while and started to post selective thoughts. Later, I learned some basic SEO techniques that helped me in gaining some search results from various search engines. So now after four years, 156 posts, 45000+ and membership of Google Authorship (ahem), I can say my blog is in stable position.
In these four years, I wrote many poems and Short posts that I never posted here. I kept those posts to my facebook pages and my own profiles. If I published those posts here, post count could have crossed 1000 mark smoothly. Plus looking at my draft folder, which is crossing 200 mark now, I can freely sit thoughtless for next Six Years! 
Why I am keeping all those thoughts to myself? Publishing them here would make my blogger profile look good, impressive you can say. But no, I strongly feel that NOT all thoughts are mean to be shared. I wrote many thoughts with intentions of not telling to anyone, I wrote them like a murmuring of my mind, or like memories that I often see in dreams. I really am not a writer, otherwise I would have shaped those misty forms to a self-explanatory or say an entertaining thought.
There are always few things that you can’t forget at all, some of them are for real and some are part of my imagination; some are dreams that I never saw, and some are untold stories that I never completed. 
Does that mean my mind is refusing to open up and let others enter my inner circle? 
No, it’s not true, but yes, somewhere I fear of unquenchable probing of restless people.
Am I killing some potential thoughts?
No, I am not, because the world is full of creative talent, and there are many million stories, better stories that deserve to be told.
I know many people who have immense pain and suffering, and now they chose to let the suffering stay in a hidden corner of their hearts. There are people who can tell you a simple thing that gives hope, happiness and joy that you never imagined, they too refused to make their words flow in the world. Such stories need words that could leave people in awe, make them spellbound, bring life to imaginary world, words that can take you in an intellectual trance. If I had those words, I am sure I would have written hundreds of stories and thousands of poems, but I don’t have. I have words that I can speak, and that’s what I write. I can’t write words that synonym suggestion of Oxford Dictionary shows; I can’t even spell them correctly. So I am letting those stories stay deep buried in drafts folder and continue with my ‘Lame Thoughts’, at least for next few years (hopefully).
Soon I am coming up with something; it would be a theme based series. So stay tuned.
God Bless.
AnSh.  :)

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