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Purpose: of Life, of Existence

“Do we really need a purpose to do something?”
This question is answer to the very existence of mine. If there is no purpose, I might not breathe even. Everything, every single entity around me is encircled within the word Purpose.
Once I had a friend, with whom I usually had conversation regarding Software Technology, as he was working with a major IT firm. One day he told me that he is writing a novel. I was not amazed with his words, because I knew he is pretty much of a wordsmith, who can craft beautiful sentences out of simple incidents, and had a good command over language. But still, I asked him “Do you have a purpose?” 
Question was simple. And certainly it still is one of the most common questions that I still ask. 
He replied, “Do I need one?” making it simpler than ever.
I don’t remember when this conversation did take place, but those were the days when Orkut used to be the most happening place.  With time, and his success we drifted apart, he became a big celebrity and I…

Book Review: The Guardian Angels

Book: The Guardian Angels Author: Rohit Gore ISBN: 9789381841280 Publisher: Grapevine No. of Pages: 328
Once I said “It’s tough to leave something when you are at peak of it.” No one actually got what I meant, but it was what I did. I left book reviews at times when people started appreciating it. Sometimes life decides the priorities that we failed to. I still get a lot of book review requests, but all I can do is politely say ‘No’ and suggest some other book reviewers. It’s amazing how people remember you for things that made someone else hate yo.
It’s been a long time when I last logged into the dashboard of my blog. So many things have been changed here. The most noticeable change is in the readership of it, which is falling by a huge margin. What else should be expected when you didn’t even try to write a single post in past four months? That’s life for you, raw and real. As I said, I left reviews, so the reason to write has to be really strong. And when I received Mr. Rohit Gore’s m…

Book Review: A Maverick Heart: Between Love And Life (Ravindra Shukla)

Book: A Maverick Heart: Between Love And Life  Author: Ravindra Shukla ISBN: 9789382473008 Publisher: Leadstart Corp No. of Pages: 383
When you are at peak of something, and quite near to call it an achievement; it's hard to leave it all of a sudden. So here comes an end to my online book reviews. Many reasons I have, but for now I can say it’s because of my joining formalities. No more days of sheer joblessness. I’m proud to say that I gained a lot of respect from the authors, readers and some random people whom I didn’t even know. Never got the tag of being biased, nor been accused toreview any book poorly. Quite satisfactory it is. I will keep on writing the reviews, but not as frequently as I used to write earlier. The last book I chose for the review is “A Maverick Heart: Between Love And Life” by Mr. Ravindra Shukla, an IIT graduate, and is working at IBM in the field of emerging technology & business analytics. He is a member of the prestigious Film Writers Association, Mumb…

Book Review: Life is Always Aimless Unless You Love It (Ratnadip Acharya)

Book: Life is Always Aimless...Unless You Love It Author: Ratnadip Acharya ISBN: 9789380349831 Publisher:Srishti Publishers No. of Pages: 216
Last two weeks were quite happening and busy for me for obvious reasons. My first ever named work ‘Uff Ye Emotions’ published in prestigious New Delhi World Book Fair by Mahaveer Publishers. And I had a huge heap of books to review. However I returned most of them because my joining dates are approaching near. ‘Life is Always Aimless…Unless You Love It’ by Mr. Ratnadip Acharya is probably one of my last books to review for now. So here I have another book review of a novel that promises a twisted tale of four lives that are connected together with a mysterious string which is known as Purpose of Life. Mr. Acharya is based in Mumbai and is a well-trained magician, an Electrical Engineer by profession, and a writer from the heart.  Let’s find out what Mr. Acharya has to offer us:
Do we you really know how much courage is required to listen to our own he…

BooK Review: Truly, Madly, Deeply (Faraaz Kazi)

Book: Truly, Madly, Deeply Author: Faraaz Kazi ISBN: 9350880091 Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers No. of Pages: 312
First a chick-lit, and now a Young Adult. Where I am heading to?
But that’s the beauty of being known as a Book Reviewer. You can explore the world of words, and surf through the imaginations of authors byreading their books. So here I have another review of recently finished book ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ by Mr. Faraaz S. Kazi. The book has already made itspresence felt in the literary world by winning various literary awards, and making it to be the only book written by an Indian author to be nominated in Top100 YA Global Fiction List. Mr. Kazi is a certifies soft-skills trainer, and runs an academy of the same. He is also a member of the esteemed Film Writers Association of India. There are some who love and conquer…
There are some who love and  forget… …and then there is RAHUL KAPOOR! A pompous Rahul is head over heels in love with Seema, his beautiful female equivalent from the sa…

Book Review: Arranged Love (Parul Mittal)

Book: Arranged Love Author: Parul A. Mittal ISBN: 9780143418825 Publisher: Penguine Metro Reads No. of Pages: 256  “Hey do you something about chick-lit novels?” texted a friend of mine.
Chick lit:Chick lit is genre fiction within women's fiction which addresses issues of modern women often humorously and lightheartedly, ” I forwarded her this web-definition. “What else do I need to keep in mind before reading one?” She texted back. “Feel Like a Girl!” I replied with excessive use of :biggrin smilies.
I haven’t told her that I’m reading one right now. And how hard I tried to focus; I couldn’t stop myself from wondering about the hidden secrets being told in the story. So here I have another light romantic chick lit fiction, ‘Arranged Love’ by Ms. Parul A. Mittal, an IIT-Delhi graduate and Master’s in Computer Science from UMich, Ann Arbor. She has twelve years of rich experience in the corporate world and now she is running an e-venture called RivoKids.  Its the second book by Ms. Mitta…

Book Teaser: Uff Ye Emotions (Editor: Vinit K. Bansal)

No one’s life is predestined, nor was mine, but some moments seems as they were ‘written’ especially for me. Sometimes I feel there shall be a way to go over the same life, right from the beginning to the end and relive each and every moment again and again. But there are a few people who actually can do this, that too in a very well manner. They often do it and no one gets to know the actual reason of it. Such people are mostly understood by others and generally known as 'Writer' or 'Poet'. And I also believe that love is a madness, that takes over your senses and makes you do things that you never imagined. It takes you to a journey of a boundless ocean of emotions, where shadows aren't afraid of darkness; where dreams are born, where love really lives for ever.  So here I have a news to share with all of you, especially those who keep asking "When you are writing a book?" One of my short story called ‘The Soulmate’ is  being selected by Mahaveer Publisher…

Book Review: Beaten By Bhagath (S. V. Divvaakar)

Book:  Beaten By Bhagath Writer:  S. V. Divvaakar ISBN:    9789382473053 Publisher:  Leadstart Corp. Number of Pages: 190
In India, we have many writers who have set a benchmark in the literary world, and became a phenomena of Indian writing. But whenever we talk about young authors, there is one name that overshadows all, Chetan Bhagat (CB). He’s been a benchmark for many aspirant authors making their debut in hopes of being the next CB. However, no one admits it on their face. So here is a Reality Fiction ‘Beaten By Bhagath’ by S. V. Divvaakar, an alumnus of the IIT Delhi, and an international Monitoring and Evaluation specialist and also serves on the boards of a few international companies. ‘Beaten By Bhagath’ deals with the CB dilemma in a lighthearted manner. However it’s my personal opinion about Chetan Bhagat, Book or Author’s views aren’t about CB. The book is written around a fiction character Dr. Ketan Bhagath. The back blurb says: ‘I’m sure you can do a much better job than Bhaga…