Are We Connected: Diary pages #5: Vinit K. Bansal

One of the most important thing I learned about the literary industry is that if you are humble and down-to-earth, readers will admire you. It is said that when you are humble, kind and true to yourself, no one can stop you from being on top. So now as our last contributor of the seriesAre We Connected: Diary Pages' we have Author of the national bestsellerI am Heartless”, Vinit K. Bansal. One of the most humble and polite authors I’ve ever known. There is not even an inch of arrogance or habit of showing off his achievements. Maybe that’s the reason why everyone respects him so much, and connects with his mature love story.
Vinit Bansal, working with State Bank of India, always had a dream of writing. So he kept the spark alive and authored I’m Heartless, later translated it in Hindi with nameWo Chali Gayi’. Apart from the prose, Vinit also writes beautiful poems in English and Hindi, you can read his work on his Facebook account.
You can buy I’m heartless on flipkartHomeshop18, infibeam or from any bookstore near you.
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Let us read some realistic tips from his heart to be happy, and find “Are We Connected?”..

I always wonder why most of us keep on tormenting ourselves without any proper reason. Each one amongst us has some problems in his/her life and at the same time has lots of smile drawing moments also. But instead of confronting the situation smilingly we all tend to curse society, family, God and sometimes even our own destiny. We become so accustomed to the negative surroundings around us that we begin to feel everything wrong and unfavorable for ourselves.
 Let us get to a story to understand this well. Once, in a party a joker cracked a joke, each one present there laughed out loud. Once again he repeated the same joke, this time very few people laughed. And third time when he shared the same joke again, no one reacted. Then he said to everyone, “how stupid we human beings are!! If we can cry for a lost one over and over again then why can’t we smile on a funny moment every-time it comes to us?”

Well… here I am going to share some “How to be happy Tips” with all of you. These points or tips are derived from my personal experiences. Even I used to be very negative at a certain point in my life but that dark phase made me stronger, positive and more resolute in my actions. I wrote these points for a colleague who used to be very depressed and complains all the time. One day I wrote all these points and put it near his workstation. After a few days he came up to me and said that he implemented them it really worked for him. And from that day onwards he has been following all the tips and enjoying his life to fullest. Not only him, but now my entire staff has the same sheet of paper on their counters and cabins. 
Now it’s your turn to have a glimpse of it. It might or might not change your life but what’s the harm in trying? You will not lose anything anyway even if it doesn’t work for you. I can’t claim cent percent accuracy of these points. It actually depends… You may agree with me, you may not… 
Here we begin!!!
1. Pay your hearty regards to the great Almighty when you wake up in the morning. Thank him for everything you possess, for giving you the body, family, profession, love and for everything you are happy about. When we can curse him for all of our failures then we should also thank him for all the opportunities he bestows on us. Try to feel his existence within yourself.

2. Always start your day with a smile on your face. This is the most important step as this will decide your mood for the entire day. There could be lots of problems in your mind regarding relationships, family, career or money but nothing is bigger than your patience and courage.  Try to recall some beautiful moments of your life rather than your borrowings, a scold from your boss or any fight with a loved one.

3. Say at least 10 times in a day that you are happy… not only say try to feel it. It will help you to feel good about your life and building a positive attitude.

4. Pamper yourself. If you don’t care for yourself, how can you expect others to care for you. Feel important , whom God has sent  for a special purpose.  But at the same time it is also important to avoid self-obsession.

5. Never ever say that you are unlucky as it could be very dangerous.  Suppose you are putting your best at office but your boss still call you a doddle and he continues to do so. Probably one day will come when you will force to think that despite of your hard-work and dedication if you are being considered as a doddle only, it’s better to become a doddle then. Same is with your luck. If you held it responsible for your failures, in return it will turn into a bad luck only. 

6. Spare some time for social service. Usually people think that social service means to donate money to trusts and organizations indulged in religious activities or work for some N.G.O. ,  contribute one’s time or money to orphanages, old-age homes ,  slum children etc.. But according to me it means to help someone without expecting anything in return, help them to come out from any unfavorable situation, to make them smile. So simple is that.   
                                              Suppose you are going to your office, you are already late, scared that your boss going to ruin you when you reach the office. Suddenly you see a person, very tired, almost bathing in sweat, dragging his bike with great efforts as he has run out of fuel. What would you do?? In most of the cases we will ignore him with a thought that someone else will definitely help him but think what will happen when everyone will think like that?.In reality we have lost a chance to make ourselves happy. I will suggest you to help him not for him but for your own self. You might get late but those 5-10 minutes of your help and a “thank you” from that person will give you the happiness to endure your boss’s scold. If you see a child hungry, offer him your lunch box. It will give you more satisfaction than consuming it yourself. 

7. Try to make everyone happy around you. In your office go and wish your colleagues good-morning without expecting them to come to you and wish the same.  While riding on the rickshaw/Auto/Taxi ask the driver about his name and native place. He will get connected and concerned about you and guide you the best in the possible way.

                                   I want to share an incident with you. Once  I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends, my order got delayed by a few minutes,  but instead of getting annoyed on the waiter I passed  him a smile and said “Kyon meri shakal pasand nahi aai kya”. He smiled back and said “there is nothing like that Sir”. And believe me after that he gave us his best service. A smile is that curve which straightens everything. Well said. Isn’t it?

8. Never bother about what people will say. “Duniya ka Sabse Bada Rog, ke Kya Kahenge Log”. Do whatever your heart says, whatever you love and wish to do.

9. Spare some time for yourself. In this humdrum of life we give time for everything which is necessary for us except ourself. How funny is it!! You love to play badminton or love to read or write... Always give some time to your hobby. This will always make you feel alive. 

10. Last and the most important: smile, smile and more smile all the time........
Stay Blessed and stay happy!!!

©Vinit K. Bansal

Posted  with permission from Author.
Protected under CCA 3.0 and Global IP rights. 

AnSh :)

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