To Achieve, is not to Deceive

There are times when we know what we want to do, and how to do, but at times we feel lost. We sit clueless for hours, trying to figure out what we actually want from life.  When we fail to achieve it, we are either start feeling lost and depressed, or we start to reforming our priorities and put more effort with more determination.  So it's all a matter of effort, right?  
I don’t think so. To achieve something first you need a goal, a set and clear goal and sub-goals to make your way easy. If you don’t know the destination, you won’t be able to plan what to keep on the journey with you. Achievement is earned by opting for a perfect combination of Effort, Attitude, Knowledge and Determination. You can eventually make a strategy at your ease, because life is not that static to give you a simple path.  
There will be points when you will lose direction, or think of giving up, even people around you will discourage you. But that shouldn’t distract you from your primary focus on achieving your goal. This effort is connected closely with your self-esteem and self-confidence. And this is the only way you will feel better about yourself. So why you should focus on petty issues, or futile arguments, right?
Now, what happens when you achieve your goal?
You had been on one hell of a roller coaster ride to reach here.  And it was everything you wanted. You are flying with confidence, happiness is overflowing from every inch of your mind, body and soul. Is it all? Is it The End? What next??
The big question, What Next.  It will haunt you in the nights. You will start feeling insecure about maintaining the place you earned. You will either sink deep into the layers of your self defense mechanism or will start to imitate brevity. Against all odds you achieved something that mattered most once, is now eating you away. But that’s what you wanted, right?
Something must’ve gone wrong in the middle. Something. Can we find it out? Maybe a reverse-search or something? Anything?
Well, yes. Something went terribly wrong, you achieved your goal, so nothing is wrong here. Things changed when you achieved it.  So the problem started when it all ended. Your achievement was your world, so you forgot the real world around you. And forgot a simple little fact that there are people for whom your primary goal is just a sub-goal, or is not even in their priorities of life. They are constantly moving forward to achieve more and more. Their hunger is refusing to die, and their goals are getting higher and higher. While you, you my lost buddy, is feeling the world is smaller than the 100rs globe you see on stationary shop.
Till you have life, you have to keep moving forward. No matter how many obstacles you will face, how many failures you will bear, how many successes you will enjoy; you have to, have to keep moving forwards. Once you stop moving further, consider it end of your life. Believe in yourself, and be humble. Achievement doesn’t mean ‘Authorized Arrogance’, remember that.

Have a good life. :)

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