Book Review: Life is Always Aimless Unless You Love It (Ratnadip Acharya)

Book: Life is Always Aimless...Unless You Love It
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
ISBN: 9789380349831
Publisher:Srishti Publishers
No. of Pages: 216

Last two weeks were quite happening and busy for me for obvious reasons. My first ever named work ‘Uff Ye Emotions’ published in prestigious New Delhi World Book Fair by Mahaveer Publishers. And I had a huge heap of books to review. However I returned most of them because my joining dates are approaching near. ‘Life is Always Aimless…Unless You Love It’ by Mr. Ratnadip Acharya is probably one of my last books to review for now. So here I have another book review of a novel that promises a twisted tale of four lives that are connected together with a mysterious string which is known as Purpose of Life. Mr. Acharya is based in Mumbai and is a well-trained magician, an Electrical Engineer by profession, and a writer from the heart.  Let’s find out what Mr. Acharya has to offer us:

Do we you really know how much courage is required to listen to our own heart?
Meet Akash, a young engineer, who dreams of becoming a writer. But all his works meet with is rejection from publisher. Will he ever be rewarded for listening to his heart?
Smitten by wanderlust, adventurous Sandip does not care much about career, marriage or making a family. How will life treat him for listening to his heart?
Possessor of a charming personality, Chirag, has a deep perchant for women. But deep down the motherless Chirag is temibly lonely. What is in store for this vulnerable young man?
Maria Fernandez is a lonely and a less-than- looking young girl who firmly believes that possossing a tender heart is enough to make her world beautiful. Will ruthless life shatter her belief?
As their life got seamlessly inter-wined with many others they realized that Life is Always Aimless .... Unless You Love it
The cover jacket is simple, and thoughtful. It goes really well with the mature plot of the novel. Back blurb is precisely written hence I won’t explain the story here. The story revolves around four characters and is written with point of views of each character. The subject projects the truth-seeking nature of normal human beings, and deals with the flaws and miseries of life.

Mr. Acharya’s narration is really fresh considering the current trend in Indian Literature scenario. I admire the minute detailing of every event. It feels good to read something that makes you visualize something on your own and enables you to create an imaginary world around you. Mr. Acharya’s concern towards reader’s imagination is something that many authors are not doing nowadays. The firmness of the language is an added charm. There are no complicated words that make an average reader rush towards a dictionary, or see a language reference. However, I must admit that Mr. Acharya’s narration failed to captivate me and couldn’t provide me an engrossing read.
There are only seven chapters in the book, but each chapter is so long that there is no break to absorb the story. There are two beautiful short stories in the middle of the narration, and are quite impressive. I found them really interesting and better than the whole novel itself! However, these stories are well synched with the main story, but doesn’t help in captivating the reader’s mind. And only contributes in slowing down the narration. As I said, narration is quite slow; hence at times it was hard to concentrate on the story. Instead of just seven chapters Mr. Acharya could have selected some appropriate places to break the story and form another chapter. It now only would have increased the pace of the story, but have helped in making the read more engrossing. Another issue I had is poor editing. As the story proceeds towards the end, I found editing getting poorer. Srishti, I hadn’t expected it from a reputed publisher like you. Small mistakes are fine, but some mistakes are in places where you simply can’t ignore.
To conclude my review, I would say that Mr. Acharya has put a lot of effort in his first book, and I really appreciate that. There are a few places where some rework is needed, otherwise I’m looking forward to read his next book soon. ‘Life is Always Aimless’ doesn’t give you a read which is full of dramatic twists and turns, but a story that is closest to the reality. Realistic characters, Realistic events, Realistic Problems, and Realistic solutions. Mr. Acharya has a good insight over the greatest mystery of existence, Life. And his writing is impressive. I’m disappointed due to a few things, but that doesn’t make the book a Bad Read. I’m sure, soon I will be reading it again. Because the book is not aimless, and I liked it.  
I wish Mr. Acharya a very best of luck for future projects. And will request him to look into the editing department more keenly.  
Happy Reading :) 

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