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Book Review: The Guardian Angels

Book: The Guardian Angels Author: Rohit Gore ISBN: 9789381841280 Publisher: Grapevine No. of Pages: 328
Once I said “It’s tough to leave something when you are at peak of it.” No one actually got what I meant, but it was what I did. I left book reviews at times when people started appreciating it. Sometimes life decides the priorities that we failed to. I still get a lot of book review requests, but all I can do is politely say ‘No’ and suggest some other book reviewers. It’s amazing how people remember you for things that made someone else hate yo.
It’s been a long time when I last logged into the dashboard of my blog. So many things have been changed here. The most noticeable change is in the readership of it, which is falling by a huge margin. What else should be expected when you didn’t even try to write a single post in past four months? That’s life for you, raw and real. As I said, I left reviews, so the reason to write has to be really strong. And when I received Mr. Rohit Gore’s m…