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Counting Stars: Life-Perception-Peace

There are things that you hear more often than usual, and all of them are appreciable at all. Some term it as a concern or care for you, while it’s always, ALWAYS a perception that is formed with lack of interference of theirs in YOUR life.  When you react in any way, humble or sharp, they nag on you that you are being a jerk and being hypersensitive. Have you had any incident like this?
For example, I often hear I’m too skinny; it doesn’t affect me until too many people say it together and repeatedly. Certainly, they all fail to see there are many which are skinnier than me and doesn’t look too skinny. I’m nearly 6 feet tall, so I’m a ‘noticeable’ skinny guy. They advise that I should eat more; yes they don’t know my diet which may feed them for two days. They also use their stale humor to enlighten their half rotten theories, which always gets stuck at my middle finger; I’m working on finding the solution to get it through.
Am I just being hypersensitive?
May be yes, definitely yes. I…

#ShortStory: The Last Time

I am clean since last seven years. Last time I took those drugs when I proposed her; it was when we were driving back to her home; it was when I saw her eyes open for the last time; it was the time when I heard her voice for the last time.


Often I had been asked why I write about being 'disconnected' from virtual world like social networking sites, instant messengers and everything which is possibly a phenomena of 'being social' in today's world. And that too on Social Networking sites! Quite contradictory, eh! Well, let's put it other way. If you really know me for Real, you wouldn't have asked on first place. Now, when it's clear that you don't, then let me put it i n the way you wanted to know. I write what I may or may not feel, but I do write what I think at that particular moment. Consider it state of mind. Why I want to disconnect is rather simpler than it sounds (reads maybe) to you.
I'm connected with Internet 24x7, you may not believe it. In the office I have internet, with lots of official mail, chat application and a corporate Facebook like portal. So I do have a choice there as well.  Back home, I have high-speed Wi-Fi, (no smartphone though), a laptop with dozens of game…

Book Review: Emotions Unplugged (Vishal Anand)

Book: Emotions Unplugged Author: Vishal Anand Pages: 157 Available: Everywhere!
It's been months since I read any new book. Last new book I read was way back in September. All this while I preferred reading the spiritual and non-fiction books. Probably I had no purpose of reading any fiction that I just bought for the sake of a friend or an acquaintance. One must find time to read what they love, not what they are asked to. Isn't it? However, the book, Emotions Unplugged, I chose to read doesn't fall in aforementioned books. It's a book by a friend, Vishal Anand (If I take liberty to say so) and a desperate author who seeks perfection in almost everything. It would be really interesting to see how perfect the book came out.

Emotions Unplugged is a collection of 15 short stories based on different genres. Diksha travels through the roads of Mumbai a day prior to her divorce with her husband, Virain; Gauri steals the money from her master's locker and runs to her village; …