Often I had been asked why I write about being 'disconnected' from virtual world like social networking sites, instant messengers and everything which is possibly a phenomena of 'being social' in today's world. And that too on Social Networking sites!
Quite contradictory, eh!
Well, let's put it other way.
If you really know me for Real, you wouldn't have asked on first place.
Now, when it's clear that you don't, then let me put it i n the way you wanted to know.
I write what I may or may not feel, but I do write what I think at that particular moment. Consider it state of mind. Why I want to disconnect is rather simpler than it sounds (reads maybe) to you.

I'm connected with Internet 24x7, you may not believe it. In the office I have internet, with lots of official mail, chat application and a corporate Facebook like portal. So I do have a choice there as well.  Back home, I have high-speed Wi-Fi, (no smartphone though), a laptop with dozens of game servers configures, and not to mention presence on most of the social networking sites since last many years. I had been told that I'm either hostile or friendly towards most of the people who exist in my social network, and But do I have many friends? More precisely, any friends?
When I'm not telling the world who I am, I cannot expect them to be my friend. Only a lunatic would think that.
I had been using Orkut since 2005 (R.I.P. Good old friend), and Facebook since late 2005, twitter since 2008, Blogger since 2007, and some more. So it's obvious to have a saturation point which always comes in life after a time. With increasing penetration of mobile apps, one can always be connected or tracked or stalked as I feel. Not that people want to stalk you. Why would they when you're a nameless nobody. But it feels like being stalked all the time.
Why would you wish to be connected all the time with people you never saw, never talked, and never met?
I don't know why. And I don't wish to either. Until one is there it's fine. If they are becoming an inseparable part of your life, then measure them if they worth it. Because if someday you lose them, you won't be left with a void in your heart.
 The other part of it is Constant messages, chat notifications, irrelevant tags, unnecessary and stupid questions, too much closeness,  too many common things (some pretend to have common likeliness too!), and fake concerns that makes me feel like being in a cage with a consent.
Being and average human with usual responsibilities and a below average mind, that sees the world in its own perspective, how would I be 'social' in others' perspective?

Being hostile is one way to keep people away. Truly, it helps. Respond when you feel, or get time. Be precise, no questions on personal life, or social life. Quite easy, isn't it?
I call it 'having priorities', and certainly a greater priority needs more attention, less great less attention and it goes down to No Priority No Attention. Makes sense?
Now, go the other way round. You might not have realized that you lost a lot of friends since last many years. When you were in school, during KG, and First 2-3 classes, everyone in your class was your friend. Later you had reduced number, and as classes went past, you had a very less number (2-5) friends.
Do you recon why did you lose all your friends?
Did they all change their schools?
Or did they all become less significant?
Now, makes sense?

You might not know, but there is always a hollowness in everyone's heart and soul that creates the bitter thoughts often. Bitter thoughts make one to go content on every matter that might be a question of life or death for other. Certainly, there is always a way out. Some find it in lifeless texts on a back-lit display, some other try to do something that would help them in collecting the lost pieces of their soul. I chose the other way without asking or telling the world what I'm going to do.
Everyone is free to make their choices. After all choices are what makes a person who they are truly.
I opted to be who I want to, not what others 'expect' me to. Fall would be mine, Rise would be mine, and Sadness will be mine, Happiness will be for all. No one to blame, no one to have expectations, no one to make you sad, no one to make you feel miserable, no memories to dwell upon, no bubble that would burst someday.
The moment internet takes over to your life; it's the time to disconnect and live.
Still wondering what I said; then disconnect once, you’d find your answers. 

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