Counting Stars: Life-Perception-Peace

There are things that you hear more often than usual, and all of them are appreciable at all. Some term it as a concern or care for you, while it’s always, ALWAYS a perception that is formed with lack of interference of theirs in YOUR life.  When you react in any way, humble or sharp, they nag on you that you are being a jerk and being hypersensitive. Have you had any incident like this?

For example, I often hear I’m too skinny; it doesn’t affect me until too many people say it together and repeatedly. Certainly, they all fail to see there are many which are skinnier than me and doesn’t look too skinny. I’m nearly 6 feet tall, so I’m a ‘noticeable’ skinny guy. They advise that I should eat more; yes they don’t know my diet which may feed them for two days. They also use their stale humor to enlighten their half rotten theories, which always gets stuck at my middle finger; I’m working on finding the solution to get it through.

Am I just being hypersensitive?

May be yes, definitely yes. I react once in a blue moon that too when I see people having perception about you without even knowing a dime of you; I find it thoughtless and ridiculous. It's really as simple as that. Wait! It's pretty normal actually. Because people claim to know someone who is an iceberg, who is so lost on his own mind’s mess that everyone else has stopped existing. What else should one ask for?

On the other hand, what do I know about those people?

Friends I can count on my left hand’s fingers, family is never interfering, and colleagues are too professional to comment on it. Some acquaintance, who assume who you are just by your Facebook/twitter posts or some old blogs. You can’t expect them to have the wavelength you share with the aforementioned people. They also don’t know what you do off the online social networking platforms.  Again, the wavelength issues.
We disagree with people who are ether right or doesn’t matter. I wonder where all those people fall who barely know you before giving their final verdict about you.
Just when I was wondering I found this quote in my archive.

It says:

We are all in the bloody battle of this world, fighting perceptions of people, but some of us still counting the stars that fall with each of their wishful thought

Probably, I too am counting the stars. While fighting my own daemons, the destructive perceptions and trying to calm the storm in my mind.

Take Care.
-Anjit :) 

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