Thoughts about Thoughts: Who is in control?

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Have you ever thought of oppressing a thought just because no one would understand?
Or, almost spoke your heart; except for the most important part?
It happens more than quite often, Right?
When there is a sense of being judged; we end up feeling the other way. Most such times it never mattered what your thoughts were, but they all were lost with the time. It could have ended up in a beautiful poem, or a painting, or a photograph, or probably an eternal friendship. But it all slipped away just because we were afraid of being misunderstood.
Every wondered why someone would judge you for the reason not known to you?
Do people really have such authority on your life that they control your thoughts even before you could end them?
I don’t think there is anyone who worth more than your thoughts. No matter how worthless your thoughts are to you, but they are yours. Only yours. No one, except you should control them. If there is a need to ignore a thought; do it. Why? Because 'need' too belongs to you.

Now, the other side.
What about people who speak their heart, and have control on their thoughts regardless of love or hate of people around them?
Well, this side has two types of people.
One, whose thoughts are admired and loved by many because they are vocal about it, even when they don’t say it; people manage to reach it. They often keep them simple without any interference of their private life. However, people always tend to think otherwise.
Other, whose thoughts are kept deep down in their heart and memories. They wouldn’t speak about until they feel dire need of it. Some of their thoughts are too deep that they seek a salvation in the light of it.  One in hundred might get to know what their thoughts are about, but may not get to the core of it.

Which one are you?
One who kills thoughts just because of imaginary concerns, or the one who is in control? 


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