Living Is All About #Togetherness

The pressure of work takes us away from friendships. Unlike childhood where the mammoth homework would anyways be defeated to finally run away from home with friends. In college it was better; one could just stay in the canteen for hours once the required attendance criteria were fulfilled. For that is where I spent most of time. Sipping endless cups of tea, just chatting with friends, kept pressure if any away. Corporate on the other end is a very different kind of life. Once out of college one dreams of having the financial freedom. The freedom that gives one the taste of everything one wishes for. The stage where you no longer have to think too much before buying a gadget you wanted or dining at a posh place. Where you go suited booted and if lucky to work at a cool place, in your favorite brand of casuals and flaunt your style. There is a dream of riding through the city in a stylish car. These naïve dreams color the canvas of your thoughts throughout college life. However life looks greener on the other side and that is very much the same as one ends college to enter corporate. The more they pay you the more they squeeze. It is as simple as that.

So within a year into my work life though I had been promoted it was also synonymous to being squeezed equally. That is what happened, no sooner I sat on a bigger comfortable chair and my weekends were gone. I just madly chased deadlines and work like a horse to get things done on time. I couldn’t sleep for more than five hours a day and with no holiday in place there was also no sleep recovery. The perks at the end of a job well done and on time kept me going. However it was only for my mind only my mind which forced my body to take another jolt of tall as my boss gave me one project after another. Slowly but surely the body does react as the negative builds on it. On the other hand I hadn’t got the time to speak for long with my family. Phone call with friends started decreasing. I would be at work when they called, promised to catch up but never could. Gatherings never saw me of course. I was like a computer constantly processing data. I was a machine technically and physically but my body wasn’t. I started get repetitive headache episodes and one day it was so severe that I couldn’t even open my eyes. I immediately rushed to the doctor and he just suggested one thing “take a break”. Luckily on medical grounds I got one.

I decided to go home by the first flight I could. My parents were immensely happy; as they missed me more than I did after all they were alone. Mom especially made all my favorite dishes. That afternoon post eating the food that I grew up having all my life and missed always I slept like a child. I missed dinner as I was just too tired to move. The next three days I kept sleeping and my parents understood that I was plainly overworked. They kept feeding me all my favorite food, mom had a huge list. She was in fact on a mission mode to feed me everything she could before I went back. Day four onwards I had completed my lost sleep and was fresh like after decades. I woke up early enough and made tea for my parents for the first time in my life. They were too happy and didn’t mind its imperfection. We sat, had our breakfast chatted for long till afternoon. That was the day I truly felt happy from within. In the afternoon I decided to download a favorite old Hindi movie of my parents and we watched it together. It was amazing. We would just watch each other smile and the warm feeling of togetherness was amazing. In the evening as mom went back to the kitchen on her mission I decided to call my school friends who had all moved away to various places for their careers. The next three days went the same way. I caught up or called all my old friends and re-established connect that had just been casually on Facebook and sometimes not even that. On the last my mom wanted me to just extend my holidays as mothers always want you longer. My more practical father however was happy that I was back to my initial vigor and no longer had any headache. I went back on Sunday night, spending each possible minute of my holiday with my parents and that made me fresh like a new born child would probably feel. I finished the pending work with my new found enthusiasm but had decided to now be the person who takes life slowly and give loved ones time. I promised my parents to regularly visit home and now even host gatherings at my rented apartment near my work place. Life always has work but friends and family are as what Gollum would strive for and say “My Precious”. helps you create that house, the one where you spend time with loved ones and cherish the memories forever. To get more details about them visit the above link now!

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