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#FoundNemo, a simple app to cut your expenses

Back in old days, we used to borrow things from our neighbors. Remember when your neighbor used to come with 'ek katori shakkar dena' and used to take away milk, tea, ginger, rice, potato, onion and oil? 
Well gone are those days. Now we barely know who lives next door.  Often we need something for a short period of time and end up buying it for just ONE TIME USE! I have more tools that the usage I can think of. Why I have these many tools. Because I couldn't find anyone having these.. 
Well that's not it; if  you are worried after New Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal announces #OddEven rule to reduce the pollution, or you are one one those people who want to read many books but don't want to have a stock piling up in your room, or you bought PS4 or Xbox One and struggle deciding which games to buy and cut a lot, A LOT of expanses to buy a new one, or want to have a Snap 'n Grip Wrench to fix your kids bicycle and not needed it later. 

Wouldn't it be nice to …