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Let's Explore India through the Instagram of Indian Travellers

"What it takes to realize everything is fine around you?
A solo trip to the mountains where your soul dwells in the echoes of the winds that carry fragments of clouds with them.

What it takes to realize world is going back to chaos and infinite hurry?
End of the aforementioned road trip."
What happens when you are working full time to a corporate and getting a paycheque at 1st of every month, and ask your manager for a week’s worth of leaves for a vacation. You manager, at their polite best, would tell “Sorry, you can’t get a weeks’ leave just for some road trip. I would have approved if you were sick or there was some family emergency.” Certainly, you can’t get a leave unless you are dying.
This struggle is real. While you have to work till your senses start to die only to pay the bills, there are short bursts of happiness when you get a day or two as “extended weekend” and you start making plans to take a trip to the places you always loved. But, you often end up with peopl…

TimeLapse Uttarakhand: India| Garming Virb |Xiaomi Yi | Watch in Full HD