The unlovables

Let's talk today.
About us. The tagged loners of the society. Ones who treat themselves to stay upbeat. Ones who no longer find being around people amusing. Ones who wander off alone and relax in unurthodox and disapproved ways.
While we aren't lonely at all, it's something that people miss out, mostly because they never saw us the way we really are. We aren't the ones who would fit in their definitions and templates to prove everything is right with us. They have all rights to think that.
Perhaps, we are at fault because we need ourselves more than their prejudice and forced obligation to stay in the limits of their mind. There is no certain way to encircle the mind of ours. It keeps on raising the bar for people we actually let in to know our innermost self.
It's often the past that is put to blame. May be it's past which made us who we are. Or, it's people who made us feel that way. Somebody's betrayal, somebody's humiliation, somebody's broken trust and what not, that all came up together to make us unbreakable. And to some extent unlovable as well.
We don't need it anymore. We can no longer fall in love and see everything goes by to another waste of time. And that's really hard to explain because being in love is what they consider as being alright. We are fighting each day and people aren't helpful at all, and still we are suppose to do things that appease them.
Who we are?
Some animals being captive in the zoo made by society?
I am Not. Are you?

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