Who Am I?

Hi There,
I am Anjit, author of 'Blog of an Odd Against Crowd'. I have completed my education and working as a Software Engineer in one the best IT Company of the world.  I read and write a lot, almost all the time. I believe reading is same as meeting people and knowing them and writing is meeting my own self. I love wandering like a nomad, and a 200 km ride can be for a cup of tea at some roadside joint or just to watch a sunrise 500 kms away.  I am not much of a chatterer, but if I know you closely I’d keep talking endlessly for hours, if only I know you closely.  
I write Book reviews, English, Hindi Poems, Short Stories, Short Blog Series’ and sometimes about Relationships and About betterment of Life. However, I am not a writer. Writing is always been a way to express my thoughts and know views of others and let that imaginative kid stay alive, who always dreamt of flying in the sky with just wearing a cape.
I have a long hobby list and writing is just part of it. Sketching, Painting, Music, Photography, Singing, Gaming etc. are some of my other of hobbies. Apart from this creative side of life, I love web design and programming. Being a Computer Application student, I lived around computers and ate and drank it for six continuous years. In my spare time, I love playing my guitar and make some ‘never heard’ tunes on some ‘never heard’ songs.
You can reach me through following modes of communication:

  1. Contact via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrestlessWave 
  2. Contact via Google+:  https://plus.google.com/114846677533369907460/posts
  3. Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crestless_Wave

Disclaimer: View posted in this blog has nothing to do with my employer.


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