Are We Connected: Diary pages #3: Preeti Singh

There are writers who desperately want to be on top of literary world, and become an omnipresent author, but then there are writers who silently work towards a goal. A goal, which deals with making an impact, bringing a change, and living in hearts of the readers.  Such writers are often one who says what we want to say, but fall short on words.
Today, we have our third contributor in series ‘Are WeConnected: Diary Pages’, Ms. Preeti Singh, authoress of national bestseller “Flirting With Fate”. She made her debut as author with an unusual genre for first timers (which she isn't really), Crime Fiction. And been able to win many hearts undoubtedly.  She is an active user of facebook, and her updates are like a cool breeze in this harsh world.  It’s really amazing how she manages to inspire people without even putting an effort!  Apart from a national bestseller, she has written many poems, articles on various subjects, which you can read on her personal website.
Ms. Preeti says “I’m just a onetime writer and would fade away soon”, but I am not agree with it. Possibly, she wouldn't be writing another book, but fading away is impossible after the impression she has created on readers.  You can contact her on facebook , or like her official page
To order 'Flirting with Fate', you can visit any bookstore of your city, or buy online via flipkart, infibeam , homeshop18 or any other leading online bookstore.
Before you start reading a page of her diary, I’d like to tell that it’s an honor to have an authoress like Ms. Preeti  Singh on my humble blog.
Now, let us all read the diary page of Ms. Preeti, and ask ourselves “Are We Connected?” 

A Small Thank You creates a Big Impression
Dear Diary,
In this fast moving world, often one does not have time for a simple ‘Thank you’ for a job well done. But when a slight effort is made to show your gratitude for little things in life, it leaves a lasting impression on the receiver in whose thoughts; your kind gesture snuggles itself!!
Often we think why a ‘thank you’ is necessary when we have heavily paid for the services we sought. A heavy paycheck at the end of the project should suffice, so why bother to show your gratitude? After all, no favours were done to you; rather you paid through your nose for the same!! But the truth is, a small ‘thank you’ gesture would cost you nothing, rather win you a potential client for life or a friend who may go the extra mile next time you need him!!
With the wonder of technology, email, telecommunication and SMS, one can show one’s gratitude by a simple, sweet, polite ‘thank you’ note at the end of the project. It not only leaves a high impression about you in the eyes of the receiver but also opens doors for further opportunities which may unfold with time!
Sometimes one does not have access to the web or may not have the technological expertise to send a grateful message. If we step back in the years gone by, snail mail was the effective mode of communication. Nothing to beat a short, warm hand written note, dropped in the nearest mail box to a talented web designer who may have beautifully put your business goals in artistic designs on your website. Or simply a bouquet for the freelance writer, who understood your deepest thoughts and scribbled them into the perfect words, which conveyed what you just could not say!! There is no dearth of ways to thank a person who has churned out your ideas and dreams for you!!
Often you seek the services of someone who stays overseas and does a wonderful project much beyond your expectations!! For example you are a skilled freelance web developer and you sought the expertise of a good web designer who pleased you with his work. To show your gratitude, you can offer your web developing services for free, the next time they need your help!! There is always a give and take in business but giving a ‘thank you’ in return of a good service, takes the cake!!
After all “A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.”  ~Cicero


Posted  with permission from Author.
Protected under CCA 3.0 and Global IP rights. 

AnSh :)

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