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एक कहानी

उन रास्तों में अब मैं नहीं मिलता,
जहां अक्सर मुझसे सब मिला करते थे,
अब वहाँ बस मेरा साया ही दिखता है,
अँधेरे में एक ख़ामोशी को ओढकर ,
सर्द मौसम को महसूस करता हुआ,
कभी गर्दन उठाकर आसमान को ताकता,
कभी चाँद से सवाल करता,
तो कभी तारों से जवाब मांगता,

वो साया अब मेरे साथ नहीं है,
शायद मिल जाए कभी उन गलियों में,
खोया हुआ अपने आप में कहीं,
रहता कैद पहरे में यादों के,
करता बातें सारी पुरानी,
जैसे सुना रहा हो कोई कहानी....

AnSh :)

कुछ पाया कुछ खोया

संभालना चाहता था मैं दिल को,
पर वो संभला ना कभी,
चाहता था एक जिंदगी खुद के लिए,
पर वो मिली ना कभी.

जो मिली मुझे,
वो जिंदगी थी तेरी,
जो खोया मैंने,
वो दिल था मेरा.

ना कहा कुछ तुने,
ना कहा कुछ मैंने,
और फिर जो हुआ,
वो प्यार था हमारा,
जो पाया मैंने बस यूँ ही....AnSh :)

Be with You always ♥

I always tried to feel you absence,
I never felt as if you are not here,
My tears get dry with feel of you breath,
When I find no one near,
You whisper in my ears,
Still I am unable to figure out.....

You filled Love in my life,
And I still Feel it for you,
You still hold my heart,
Why I can't hold you now?

I know you are still around me,
I know You still see after Horizon,
You will always be in my side,
Because this is the place Only You belong,

Is that you or your memories,
Which always brings a Smile,
Which reminds me of good old days,
Why this smile takes a lot of pain?

You taught me how to love,
And be happy on small things,
You are my happiness,
Why I didn't realized it earlier?

I love my dreamless nights,
I love the Endless days,
I love my solace,
because this is the only way,
I can be with you.....

AnSh :)

I love love stories....

I remember you told me
That You love the love stories,
I felt good as I can speak my heart to you,
But today when I am standing,facing you,
I don't know what will I say ,
I too have a love story,
Where you are my angel,

I gathered all my courage.
And said “Would you like love me?”,
You smiled at me and said “yes”,
With slowest of your voice,
I felt as I am on cloud nine...
Now i can say,
Yes I love love stories....

AnSh :)

Audio Version of a Poem :)

after quite a long time I recorded a Poem of mine
which I wrote on my Facebook page.(Bas Yun Hi)  earlier.
I know neither of the two,i.e. My voice and poetry is good,
but its just a try.
Comments are welcome :)

AnSh :)


Dedicated to YOU

If we were not meant to be together,
Why you came in my life?

If you meant to go away,
Why you mate me?

If my dream meant to be shattered,
Why we were together in it?

When I was living my life alone,
Why you came in my life?

If decision of love is made in heaven
Why you went back there?

If I am still waiting for you,
Why you are not here?

If you are listening,
why can't i hear you replying?

If You can still see me,
why can't i see you?

where are you...........


एक शहर अनजाना सा....

मेरी मंजिल का मुझे गुमान नहीं है,
पर शायद है वो एक शहर यादों का,
जिसकी गलियों में खुशी बहती हैं,
मुस्कुराहटों से हर सुबह होती है,
प्यार की छाँव हर शख्स पर दिखती है,
कभी कभी गम भी नुमायाँ होता है,
पर सिर्फ साये में गिरती दीवारों के,
ना जाने है कहाँ ये शहर,कहाँ हैं ये गलियाँ,
शायद है यह बस एक ख़याल,
जो आता रहता है हरदम बस यूँ ही....

AnSh :)

You and I

I know you are gone,
But I don’t believe it,
I know we are done,
But I don’t believe it,
You said you’d be back soon,
But I never knew you won’t,
You said a lot of things,
But I said none,
You said “I love you”,
But I never said “yes me too”,
I thought it’s not the right time,
But you knew I will never have later,
I know you are far,
So far from here,
But still we are close,
trust me so close,
You might not know,
But I still feel love for you....