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#FoundNemo, a simple app to cut your expenses

Back in old days, we used to borrow things from our neighbors. Remember when your neighbor used to come with 'ek katori shakkar dena' and used to take away milk, tea, ginger, rice, potato, onion and oil? 
Well gone are those days. Now we barely know who lives next door.  Often we need something for a short period of time and end up buying it for just ONE TIME USE! I have more tools that the usage I can think of. Why I have these many tools. Because I couldn't find anyone having these.. 
Well that's not it; if  you are worried after New Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal announces #OddEven rule to reduce the pollution, or you are one one those people who want to read many books but don't want to have a stock piling up in your room, or you bought PS4 or Xbox One and struggle deciding which games to buy and cut a lot, A LOT of expanses to buy a new one, or want to have a Snap 'n Grip Wrench to fix your kids bicycle and not needed it later. 

Wouldn't it be nice to …

When You are chasing your own shadow: Garming Virb HD


Timelapse at World's Highest Motorable Road: Khardung La


We must protest because no one cares for our existence

Even writers are not free from biased opinion.
Returning the Academy Awards as a symbol of protest is actually a powerful protest, if only it was for something much meaningful.
Calling the government communal and not-so-secular makes everyone question the memory of esteemed intellectuals.
It's not comparison of whose government saw which riot or people of which religion for massacred most; its far beyond that.
Freedom of speech was never restricted as it seems now, however such nevetive speech was never seen before either.  
Everything end up teaming up with politics, probably its time when you should go for a slumber and wait till the theatrics end.
We must not see the development in every sector which will strengthen the economy, further helping in uniform development of the Nation.  We must cry and show outrage every now and then, because it's not our responsibility to be the change we wish to see.
Blame someone, blame everyone, stay negative; that should be our mott…

Makhmal | Official Short Film

There are stories that makes you feel sad and happy at the same time.

These stories are creation of genius minds who create an entire world with their creativity.

Makhmal, such a story.

Must watch. Extraordinary performance by Jaggu dada.

Cloud Timelapse before rain: Garmin Virb HD


Being Socially Awkward

I'm not a socially awkward human. It's true that I don't often meet people or found in public entertainment places over weekends. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun in my life. There are ways which might not be approved by many, which makes me happy. For example, I can watch the sun rising up from the dark night and making the world shine like a diamond. Or, I would find a book which is immersive enough to make everything else a triviality of the world.
Also, I'm often the first person who is considered as arrogant just because I deny falling in the social conundrum that goes beyond the capability my tiny brain. Why would I please someone who doesn’t even stay on their own words? In some other world maybe I would; not in this world for sure. There are minds, preoccupied with the jibber-jabber of their social circle, who fail to understand that someone can actually stand on their own. Not everyone likes to live in a group, following a thought which is often made a…

5 Reasons why I #CantWait4Zenfone2

Remember the times when Smartphones were not so smart? Well, now Asus has brought his latest revolution called Zenfone 2 to make every other smartphone Dumb! It comes with Android Lollypop, 5.5 inch Full HD screen, 13mp Rear, 5mp front camera, Intel Atom QC processor, regular and advance connectivity options like 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and 4 GB memory.  Just a little hitch, 4GB memory is not storage, it’s RAM! You read it right, 4GB worth of RAM! Not just mammoth RAM, Zenfone 2 also houses many never seen features in this pocket rocket. So I decided to list 5 reason why Asus Zenfone 2 is going to redefine my Smartphone Experience
Reason 1: With Greater Power I have No responsibility Well, with 4 GB worth of RAM and dedicated GPU in the offering I have unlimited possibilities. Imagine editing Ultra High resolution images with no stutter in performance.   Games would run like they would run on any high end dedicated console and Graphics would bring the details to a ne…

Look Up!

I was moving like a nobody. At that phase in my life I wanted to be called a Mr. Nobody. That was my state of mind. Just like they preserve cells in liquid nitrogen where they stop their growth and they could revive them later, I wanted something similar for myself. I was at the epitome of self pity. That is what the end of first love probably looks like. You want to taken up by the tsunami or just stop living for a few days. No, I didn’t commit suicide, I tried, yes, but I couldn’t. Reason, I was the only son of my parents and that had invested their lives in me. Killing me would be like killing them, taking three lives. I was their pride, honor and love. How could I crush the flower of unconditional love, where I just wished the girl I thought was the love of my life added to its fragrance?  I was certainly not that heartless. I however wasn’t doing what they earned a living for and invested in. I had stopped studying., eating and would just lie on my bed never wanting to wake up.

New Beginnings

I was a carefree person, the kind who just drifts with the flow of life. I was not a serious person to begin with. As I said, I was like kite that flows the way the wind flows. The reason was simple; my parents gave me all the necessary things one needs. It wasn’t a life one can call grand but it wasn’t in my nature to ask for too much for I had everything a simple minded person would want. I lived in a locality where people of the same economic stature lived. Nobody can look and tell that from all the simplicity and was wide spread in our area, somewhere evil lurked. It was in the dark mindsets of people. People who seemed to live a simple life here might have different set of thoughts beneath that layer. That layer came off only with time; especially when you didn’t want to see truth as naked as that.
Kalpana was my best friend and I was hers. She felt I understood her. She was not as laid back as me. She had dreams and why wouldn’t she? She had all the means to achieve them, at leas…

Living Is All About #Togetherness

The pressure of work takes us away from friendships. Unlike childhood where the mammoth homework would anyways be defeated to finally run away from home with friends. In college it was better; one could just stay in the canteen for hours once the required attendance criteria were fulfilled. For that is where I spent most of time. Sipping endless cups of tea, just chatting with friends, kept pressure if any away. Corporate on the other end is a very different kind of life. Once out of college one dreams of having the financial freedom. The freedom that gives one the taste of everything one wishes for. The stage where you no longer have to think too much before buying a gadget you wanted or dining at a posh place. Where you go suited booted and if lucky to work at a cool place, in your favorite brand of casuals and flaunt your style. There is a dream of riding through the city in a stylish car. These naïve dreams color the canvas of your thoughts throughout college life. However life l…

Thoughts about Thoughts: Who is in control?

Have you ever thought of oppressing a thought just because no one would understand? Or, almost spoke your heart; except for the most important part? It happens more than quite often, Right? When there is a sense of being judged; we end up feeling the other way. Most such times it never mattered what your thoughts were, but they all were lost with the time. It could have ended up in a beautiful poem, or a painting, or a photograph, or probably an eternal friendship. But it all slipped away just because we were afraid of being misunderstood. Every wondered why someone would judge you for the reason not known to you? Do people really have such authority on your life that they control your thoughts even before you could end them? I don’t think there is anyone who worth more than your thoughts. No matter how worthless your thoughts are to you, but they are yours. Only yours. No one, except you should control them. If there is a need to ignore a thought; do it. Why? Because 'need…