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All I do is ♥ you..

A bit old and more of random nature, I wrote this one for my facebook page Bas Yun Hi (बस यूँ ही). thought of posting it on blog as well :) _______________________________________

When I fall in Love ♥

It was a beautiful day when I fall in love,
When I thought I will always be with her,
All the melancholy was gone forever,
And all the happiness came with her,
She always had so much love and care,
And we became everything for each other…

In moments of glee smiled with her,
In moments of grief shared tears with her,
She dried my tears and kept me so near,
And I forgot the glooms when I hugged her,
A smile comes with sweet memories of her,
As I relive the moments shared with her…

I spent all my nights and days with her,
And lived life twice than I could ever,
I became what I am just because of her,
All my memories are filled with pictures of her,
She never got to know what I felt for her,a
But when I fall in love, I fall only for her…

AnSh :)

And then I met You..

Day before I met you, I thought I am ordinary, My life is a complete waste, And no one is there, Who think of me sometimes, And world is a deserted place…
But when I met you, I realized there is something in me, And I am no ordinary, I have a lot to do, And someone is there, Who think only of me all the time, And world is most beautiful place…
You always have time for me, You always hear what I tell you, I can’t think anything without you, Can’t even breathe without you, My heart skips a beat, When I don’t get to see you…
You can count on me for everything, If it makes you happy, I don’t mind to do anything, Your smile is all I care about, You can put all your trust on me, Because I can’t even think of breaking it…
Before you nothing was right, But you made everything all right, I know very soon I will be away, When I will be out of this place, When you will not get to see me often, But I promise I will be there for you, Always around you, walking silently with you…


When we will be together again

Sometimes I want to turn and walk away, And start everything over again, So that I can forget I ever knew you, And can live in a world with no pretend…
But as soon as I open my eyes,  I feel tears rolling in them, When I stay alone I feel you near, And with you my happiness reappear…
I will never forget you, Because I chose to remember you, I remember the way we were, And everything you said and I felt…
I live your loving memories every day, And I wait for night to begin, When I will be with you, and only you, When we will be together again…



Wrote it sometime ago; guess I haven't posted it here earlier, hence sharing.

जब कोई अपना दूर चला जाता है,
तब ही क्यूँ वो दिल के करीब आता है,
जब हम बात करना चाहते हैं उनसे,
तब जाने क्यूँ एक डर सताता है,
डूबे रहते हैं बस उनकी ही यादों में,
पता नहीं कि वो भी याद करते हैं या नहीं,
ख्वाहिश होती है कि देख ले सामने उन्हें,
पर क्यूँ ये दूरियाँ आ जाती हैं हर बार,
रहना चाहते हैं ज़िंदगी भर साथ,
पर क्यूँ ये वक्त फिसल जाता है हर बार,
क्यूँ देखना पड़ता है हर बार मुझे ही,
बिखरते अपनी ज़िंदगी को....बस यूँ ही...


It all will be over tonight..

A broken heart is not just broken once, It keeps on breaking again and again. The rivers of love keep flowing steadily, But with no direction to follow, When no one appears there to take it, Love turns into tears and start go down, It’s you, for whom all my love is, It’s you, whom I want to see there, But why you are not here anymore? Till the time I felt you always around, And always found you with me, Then why you are not here tonight?
Not a day went without your thought, When I laughed and walked with you, When I hugged and kissed you, And when I cried with you, Not a single night I remember, When you didn’t came to see me in my dreams, I just want to see you tonight, I want to turn my gloom in to debris, I know you will come tonight, I know you will save my heart from shattering, I know it all will be over tonight….


It's You, Only You...

Often in the nights I look at the sky, And I start thinking that why I love you? But I never get any answer, Just because the list is too long…
I love the whisper of your voice,                      I love the warmth of your touch, And many little things you do, Make me love you so much…
I love the way you always support me, And always help me when I am in blues, You always truly care for my emotions, I really love when I see your devotion…
I love the moment when you look at me, I love to see when your eyes shine, When we sit together side by side, I feel complete with immense pride,
So many things I see in my dreams, And I love it when you see the same… I just want to be lost with you forever, That’s the only dream I always see…
I can fill many pages writing about you, I can go on for days saying about you, But nothing can express what I feel for you, All I want to say is…....I love you, and will love you forever and ever...

AnSh :)

It's not a Love Story: Epilogue

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What! You are writing out love story! That too on your blog! Are you gone nuts Ansh!!” Naina screamed as soon as Niki called her to tell my latest hit! “Hmm but I have told everyone that it’s a fiction, don’t worry, aur waise bhi no one reads my blog so don’t worry” I replied while digging even deeper in screen of my laptop. “But what’s the need? You want to tell everyone how we mate? I mean already half of the city knows how we met, now whom you want to tell?” she asked again with little irritation in her voice. “I am writing because I want you to what I felt when I fall in love with you” I replied while my fingers were still on keyboard. “Okay but do you think the people who will read your blog will believe that It’s a Fiction Not REAL? My name is there, Your Name is there and Niki told me that everything you wrote till now is sounding so real. How will you make people believe it…

It's not a Love Story:Chapter 7: It’s not the end, It’s a new beginning

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I always thought loneliness is a hallucination which I will never feel but I proved wrong. I never felt lonelier than I felt that night. I had no one with whom I can share my feelings; I wasn’t even talking to myself. “Hi Anjit, how are you feeling now?” Dr. Bhatnagar’s voice brought me back to reality. “You okay?” He asked when I didn’t answer. “Hmm” I answered in very low voice. “Ansh, I am like your elder brother if not brother you can consider me as your friend. I know what are feeling now and I very well know how does it feels. You can talk to me” I guess Riddhi told him about my situation hence he was trying to make things normal for me. “What do you think Dr. Shashank; you might be thinking that I am a dumb guy, who thinks that a girl can love him only because he loves her?” I asked. “No I don’t think so, because as far as I know you waited till now and you can’t fall in love unless you want to” He replie…

It's not a Love Story: Chapter 6: Dream v/s reality

Previous Navigation : Chapter 5:Love is Pain, Really? _________________________________ Sometimes it’s really hard to make a distinction between dream and reality especially when you just have lost your senses. Last time when I closed my eyes everything went dark, and as I opened my eyes I saw a bright light, which was hurting my eyes. I always heard that when one dies, the soul travels to the other world where according to one’s characteristics in life the decision of heaven and hell is made and its path goes through a dark tunnel, which is full of obstacles, and after walking endlessly for so many hours one sees a bright white light which is told to be gate of the other world. What! I am dead! Damn! My love story just started and I am dead! Great! But why I am unable to budge even for an inch!Dr. patient is coming back to his senses” I hearda familiar male voice. “See I told you, it wasn’t a big deal at all. It usually happens when patient is in trauma of accident. However we need to …

It's not a Love Story: Chapter 5:Love is Pain, Really?

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Close your eyes, Think of someone, Dream of them, Open your eyes, She’s here!! I rubbed my eyes thrice just to ensure that if I am still dreaming or she’s here in REAL. “Good Morning…Oops Good Afternoon Ansh. How are you? I thought you woke quite a long ago but you are still sleeping lazy boy”, and she sat on chair spreading bubbles of fragrance all around. It took a few moments to decide that whether I should believe that she is here and feel her presence first or stop behaving like a nerd and greet her. “Hey good morning Naina” I missed you a lot lot lot I replied, keeping the important part in heart. “How are you?”  She asked again. Why her smile is so beautiful? why can’t she stop smiling; I am getting lost her smile with every passing moment. “All good All Okay” I just came out from coma when you entered the room, I replied while leaving the important part unsaid. She scanned the whole room, my huge b…

It's not a Love Story: Chapter 4: No Facebook Only Love, Real Love ♥

Previous navigation : Chapter 3:Love is beautiful, isn’t it? __________________________ Stuck in a room with dimensions 14x16 of ICU ward and not supposed to play much with phone as if anyone will see they will either throw it away or keep it till I get discharge, is not at all a happy situation  and I am supposed to live with it for next 14 days. However Naina’s thoughts were keeping me away from the dreads. Another knock on door and before I could response a middle aged man came in. “Hello I am Dr. Swamy, Hospital’s owner” and sat on the chair next to the bed. Why hospital’s owner came to see me, maybe he used to do a regular visit in all wards to ensure proper functioning of hospital or maybe to keep an eye on everyone but soon I realized it wasn’t. My one status update plus front page story on paper created a buzz around my social circle and they all have gathered in hospital’s lobby and hospital’s management stopped them to come up as according to rules they can allows only 4 people t…

It's not a Love Story: Chapter 3:Love is beautiful, isn’t it?

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Even after being a frequent visitor of hospitals I never understood why the hell all hospitals smells exactly the same! I wonder if they all have same phenol supplier who gives them a huge discount to buy that disgusted smelling phenol. Why don’t they use something which can make people feel good?? Anyways I should get used to of it, looking at my history I think I will be here soon again. A clumsy looking ward boy broke my grinding thoughts and helped to get my morning chores done without any trouble. However during it all he stood right in the right of me, to hold the drip stand as I am not supposed to be without the drips even for fraction of a second, and it wasn’t comfortable at all, but no option... Soon clock ticked 8 and news bulletin started. I tried locating the radio but surprisingly I couldn’t find it. I guess they’ve put it in all wards. Why news bulletin. They shou…