It's not a Love Story: Chapter 3:Love is beautiful, isn’t it?


Even after being a frequent visitor of hospitals I never understood why the hell all hospitals smells exactly the same! I wonder if they all have same phenol supplier who gives them a huge discount to buy that disgusted smelling phenol. Why don’t they use something which can make people feel good??
Anyways I should get used to of it, looking at my history I think I will be here soon again.
A clumsy looking ward boy broke my grinding thoughts and helped to get my morning chores done without any trouble. However during it all he stood right in the right of me, to hold the drip stand as I am not supposed to be without the drips even for fraction of a second, and it wasn’t comfortable at all, but no option...
Soon clock ticked 8 and news bulletin started. I tried locating the radio but surprisingly I couldn’t find it. I guess they’ve put it in all wards. Why news bulletin. They should rather play Radio Patakha, which plays best beats for the morning. And as I said it, I heard a knock on the door. Am I supposed to walk up and open the door to welcome the guests? Eh!
Please come in”, formally I said.
“Good Morning, I want to know what’d you like to take for your breakfast with morning tea/coffee?”, the same nurse who scolded Zoe last night came in and asked, this time quite firmly, unlike yesterday.
NO thanks, I don’t take any such breakfast, and probably some stuff is also coming from my home” I said as planed while imaging the yummy sandwiches that Dr. Riddhima will bring at 8:15.
Ok fine, if anything needed let me know” and pointed to the button and I smiled in reply.
I was wondering why they put the text on it, may be it correlates with emergency situations but I really don’t think if in any emergency situation one can stretch this much to press it, it’s located quite far from the bed. They should have given it somewhere on bed itself. But who cares huh.

The morning sun has reached its glory and sunshine started getting in the room. It has reached the side table where my medicines and two newspapers were kept, one of Hindi and other of English. I took the Hindi one first and as I follow the information hierarchy radically i.e. know your city first, then State, then Country and at end Know the world. English newspapers follows reverse hierarchy, hence I read them only after Hindi paper.
Damn!! What the F**!! How the hell the posted my accident on front page!  These bloody local cheepos have nothing else to do! Hell! Look at my bike! Bloody F**! Totaled! Damn!
Shock, anger, irritation, pain and what not, almost every possible emotion filled in and made me shout like hell and it all resulted in madly beeps from the machines connected through wires attached on my chest and wrist. Immediately Dr. Riddhima and two more doctors came running and did some quick things which was hard for me to understand. Only thing that I could understand is I am not supposed to get excess of any emotions which can raise my heartbeat or blood pressure, which Dr. Riddhima too told me later.
Its okay, you are already a celebrity, isn’t it cool to be on front page!” Dr. Riddhi said while pouring coffee in my cup having newspaper in hands.
Ohh it was really too bad, I never imagine that it could be that bad, look at your bike... Hey you got a new bike!”  Great she remembers that too.
Even now I too have started feeling how bad it was, but this Cool thing is going to flood your hospital, as those who don’t know they know it now, and you already know what happens when my friends gather. Get ready for the flood”
“Yeah got this one few months ago, but I still have the Yamaha”, I replied while taking the first sip. Too hard coffee :/
We’ll manage. So how are things going, you still with 96.7 or joined somewhere else? Take sandwich too I can’t have both of them” and passed me deliciously looking sandwich which made me realize I didn’t had food since yesterday. It tasted as delicious as I tasted 2 years ago however little bit of change which I couldn’t figure out may be medicine effect.
umm left that right after my graduation and now I am  doing MBA only, nothing else. I should think of proper job now, freelancing can pay sufficient but gives no stability, and I want to do something which my family can tell to others hence” I said while munched a huge bite.
Look at you, you are sounding so mature, I mean I never imagined this transformation in you. Still single?” she said with wide open eyes and coffee getting cold in her hands.
I was mature since I was born, it’s just what people wants sometimes we need to do, and do you think I can be single, I just fell in love yesterday and you can see the signs all over my body hahaha” and I checked my phone just to see if any message or missed call from Naina is there, but nothing.
What! Really! Who’s that girl?? Priya?? You proposed her? Or she proposed you?? Or it’s someone else? Anyone from your group whom I don’t know? Or it’s a new girl? Can you ask her to come here, I really want to see how does your dreamgirl looks. Why you are staring at me like this?? Say something” here comes a rapidfire round for me.
Easy easy I was just kidding, can  I have that half of the sandwich, just in case if you are not willing to eat?”, even I can shift the topic sometimes.
You are really bad Ansh, you can’t do this to me, I really thought…” and she took her last bite and gave remaining sandwich to me.
You were saying that you want to talk on something, what’s that?” 
No nothing that’s all I wanted to know” she said in not so happy voice.
Her name is Naina, I met her yesterday only, and first time in life I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I had no option other than falling in love with her and…”
“Love at First Sight” her eyes shined and smile covered half of her face.
“yeah sort of, I saw her in my bike’s rear view mirror, she was inside her car, and then in next moment she blew me off, and I came here… its only 50% for now, however we sms chatted till 3 last night” I don’t know what was making me to tell everything to her, maybe I though she can really help me out or maybe she was kind of close to me.
Great! But don’t you think it can be just attraction? I mean you don’t even met properly yet”, she has a point!
Do you think so? Which girl can talk to a stranger till 3 in the morning, read her sms’ then tell me what you think” and I handed my cell to her.
After reading exactly 156 sms’ she took a deep breath and said “I don’t know but I think she likes you too, looks like she also feels the same, but be careful it could be just attraction. Right now I am leaving but I will come back at around 11 or 12, if she comes before that just sms me”
I really want her to feel exactly the same, because this time I have a strong feeling that she’s the one”, I don’t know if my eyes looked that affectionious as hers but I really felt the touch of love from inside.
“btw sandwich was nice, remember you need to bring them for next 15 days” and I winked, and she smiled and winked in reply before leaving the room. ;)


As soon as Dr. Riddhima left, I started playing with my cell, first thing to do was login to facebook where 200+ notifications welcomed me and exactly 193 comments and 244 Likes were on my status including countless Pokes, messages and wall posts. I wasn’t in mood of checking it all so I only scrolled through my status message where most of the boys had written Congrats, Cool, You rock, Kitno ko mara?? And Stays HOME! while on the other side all girls have posted hwwwww, how?? And Get well soon.
Heartless fellows...huh and I put a smiley as my reply.
Now time to do for what I have been craving since morning, yes you guessed it right. If she can’t message me, I can hence,
Hi Naina, Good Morning, how are you? :)” sms sent and kept the phone on chest.
I really want to talk to someone with whom I can share what I am feeling, but except Dr. Riddhima, I haven’t told anything about this to anyone yet. Hence all I can do for now is wait and talk to my heart only and to raise my anxiety ‘Bin tere’ started on radio.
Great I am confused, finding what I am feeling is love or not, and the great radio is making my heart skip a beat with every passing stanza of the song. Is it USP of the radio that it can play songs according to your mood? My MBA mind interrupted my heart talk.
BEEP, 1 message received and my heartbeat increased.
Hey GM swthrt, I m gud, hru? I m comin 2 c u soon :) :)’

SWEETHEART” appeared in capitals, painted in RED, encircled with a heart
I am good too :)
I was kind of thinking of you, actually I read the sms chat we had last night and after reading it I am feeling much better. :)
You just woke or?” I missed you I wanted to add but skipped.
awww cho chweeet u read ol msgs???
Yep I jst woke and saw ur msg.
Hey listen I’ll com 2 c u @1 ok
And my dad has said he’ll get ur bike done as its frm his showrum”
Cho Chweeet, but less then you my sweetu <3, I wanted but instead I typed,
ok ok, I’ll be waiting, bbye tc :)”And got two smiles in reply.
I kept the phone on my chest and I started smiling like a nut.
You know what, if you ever been in love or if you are in love, you defiantly know how love makes you uselessly smile even while reading the text message from your love.
Love is beautiful…isn’t it?

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