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Book Review: I'm Heartless, A real Confession (Vinit K. Bansal))

Book:  I’m heartless… A Real Confession Author: Vinit K. Bansal ISBN:   8183520960 Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers Book Courtesy: Vinit K. Bansal
With the completion of my Post Graduation I completed another book in my one-night-read manner. This time I got “I’m Heartless… A Real Confession” by Vinit K. Bansal. The book comes with a tagline “This is not only a story rather it is real confession of a lover” that you can see with its cover picture that indicates it’s not a regular love story that will end with “and they lived happily ever after”. It a tale of a guy Viren, whom author mate in a really strange situation where he was about to die and the Author got to know about just a bit of his love story. Later Viren finds the author trustworthy and ask him to write his story as novel and author did that. Story run around a post graduating student who is, according to author, said to be a day dreamer, an egoistic, a hopeless romantic and an attention seeker afflicted with a bizarre madness and…