It all will be over tonight..

A broken heart is not just broken once,
It keeps on breaking again and again.
The rivers of love keep flowing steadily,
But with no direction to follow,
When no one appears there to take it,
Love turns into tears and start go down,
It’s you, for whom all my love is,
It’s you, whom I want to see there,
But why you are not here anymore?
Till the time I felt you always around,
And always found you with me,
Then why you are not here tonight?

Not a day went without your thought,
When I laughed and walked with you,
When I hugged and kissed you,
And when I cried with you,
Not a single night I remember,
When you didn’t came to see me in my dreams,
I just want to see you tonight,
I want to turn my gloom in to debris,
I know you will come tonight,
I know you will save my heart from shattering,
I know it all will be over tonight….


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