And then I met You..

Day before I met you,
I thought I am ordinary,
My life is a complete waste,
And no one is there,
Who think of me sometimes,
And world is a deserted place…

But when I met you,
I realized there is something in me,
And I am no ordinary,
I have a lot to do,
And someone is there,
Who think only of me all the time,
And world is most beautiful place…

You always have time for me,
You always hear what I tell you,
I can’t think anything without you,
Can’t even breathe without you,
My heart skips a beat,
When I don’t get to see you…

You can count on me for everything,
If it makes you happy,
I don’t mind to do anything,
Your smile is all I care about,
You can put all your trust on me,
Because I can’t even think of breaking it…

Before you nothing was right,
But you made everything all right,
I know very soon I will be away,
When I will be out of this place,
When you will not get to see me often,
But I promise I will be there for you,
Always around you, walking silently with you…


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