Being Socially Awkward

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I'm not a socially awkward human. It's true that I don't often meet people or found in public entertainment places over weekends. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun in my life. There are ways which might not be approved by many, which makes me happy. For example, I can watch the sun rising up from the dark night and making the world shine like a diamond. Or, I would find a book which is immersive enough to make everything else a triviality of the world.

Also, I'm often the first person who is considered as arrogant just because I deny falling in the social conundrum that goes beyond the capability my tiny brain. Why would I please someone who doesn’t even stay on their own words? In some other world maybe I would; not in this world for sure.
There are minds, preoccupied with the jibber-jabber of their social circle, who fail to understand that someone can actually stand on their own. Not everyone likes to live in a group, following a thought which is often made as a ‘consensus’ but belongs to one person only, being aimlessly followed or following is not what everyone likes to do. Everyone has got their own ways.

There had been instances where I was told I’m afraid of people because I lack confidence.

That is somewhat true. I lack confidence in people. Not in me. Trust me; I’m not the one who is drop cold in any social gathering whenever I join one. I meet people the way they would meet me. If they are hostile and negative, I will sneak away at earliest. When there are people who a very affectionate, I love them back unconditionally. When their affection is impractical and hopeless, I brutally push them. Yes, brutally, because a heartbreak is the only way to make them forget what they would have suffered if they had to become a drag later.

I might be a socially awkward human, because of one reason... I don’t give a damn! 
And I won't change because someone else wants me to. So let's close the chapter and live independent lives.

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