Book Review: Emotions Unplugged (Vishal Anand)

Book: Emotions Unplugged
Author: Vishal Anand
Pages: 157
Available: Everywhere!

It's been months since I read any new book. Last new book I read was way back in September. All this while I preferred reading the spiritual and non-fiction books. Probably I had no purpose of reading any fiction that I just bought for the sake of a friend or an acquaintance. One must find time to read what they love, not what they are asked to. Isn't it?
However, the book, Emotions Unplugged, I chose to read doesn't fall in aforementioned books. It's a book by a friend, Vishal Anand (If I take liberty to say so) and a desperate author who seeks perfection in almost everything. It would be really interesting to see how perfect the book came out.

Emotions Unplugged is a collection of 15 short stories based on different genres. Diksha travels through the roads of Mumbai a day prior to her divorce with her husband, Virain; Gauri steals the money from her master's locker and runs to her village; Rizwan works as a laborer in construction sites at Dubai in spite of being the son of a rich man from Bangladesh; Samar gets last gift of love from his grandmother after her death; Patrick believes after visiting a state that he has visited a country, he still had to visit 27 more countries in India; Rajat spends the night in different bars with a friend to meet a lady, Palak; an old lady who believes in her religion and hates Muslims finds an indigestible truth when she visits her daughters home; Vinit falls in love with a veiled girl while traveling in Delhi metro to reach his office everyday and a lot more. 
The back blurb promises to let you through a journey of different lives, shuffling and muffling through different emotions. The cover looks good, however a bit blurred print on both sides; maybe issue with my copy only.  The size of book is pretty small, it fits the hand well even if you are reading it while standing in a public transport (Delhi Metro in my case). I like it. 

Now, before I 'd say about the stories, I'd say some about language Vishal used. There is a strange thing about the language been used in throughout all stories, that I am still not able to figure out if it's good or not-so-good. There is a uniform flow of narration in almost all stories, except two or three. There is often a slow beginning following with abrupt event that would take a page turn and entire story is to a different dimension. I don't know if it was intent to keep the flow same or it's just me who think that. Maybe a long break from regular fiction has taken on my Reading-Bone badly. ;) 
However, it indeed is fresh and has captivating twists and turns to let you keep reading. I did read it in one go, from last to first. Yeah.last to first.  Second side of the novel is grammar and punctuation. Only a few hits and misses here and there, rest all looks good. One thing is common with most stories is that they are slow and bit confusing in the beginning and leads to a good and clear ending. And, "OK" is always in caps in all stories, that could have been "Okay" at many places. It may not be much important for anyone, but it does impact the thought being conveyed. 

Now coming towards the stories; I won't tell about all stories because few things are better left unsaid. You'd read and find those things on your own. Trust me.
Stories with some glitches or some extraordinary elements are mentioned below: 

Story 13: Short and sweet could be used to describe this story. I found that it is to short to read if one is looking for a much clear story. Abrupt break between events caused lack in details, and later added to loosening the grip of the well thought end.

Story 12: I found that story is pretty different in terms of narration as it is written from a girl's perspective. Vishal did succeeded in crafting the thought in a well balanced manner. One thing I noticed is that formatting is not uniform. Italics have been used to highlight protagonist's thoughts earlier, but were missed out later.

Stoty 9: Just one word "Unpredictable!"

Story 6: The first half Reminded me of movie "I am Kalam", but the ending had essence that likes of Premchand wrote long ago in his epic tales. Probably, my favorite and best of the book.

To sum up my review, I'd say that Vishal did justice to present different emotions in one simple books. Even with the cliche'd stories, Emotions Unplugged manages to score a good grab of reader's share and has potential to give you a good reading experience without any fancy gimmicks. If you prefer buying from bookstore, Run! else you can order online from almost all portals. 
I wish best of luck to Vishal for his journey in literary world. 

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