just Completed Two Novels.....

hello Everyone,
my Launchpad PC crashed 6 times in 2 days and I gave up to repair it again and again,
result my blog left idle for almost a month.

anyways I just came back from a journey and guess what finally i got time to read novels. :)
I saw a attractive looking Cover saying Offcourse i love you, more interesting was its subtitle, which says till I find someone else :D,
this is the truth, we love someone till find someone else better then He/She :),
Novel is an year old now, and I was not aware of it, as i am not too much in to reading,
but the guy at Bookstore updated me that "it's second part is also out"(later i come to know both novels are different)
so i have no other option then buying both for just 200 bucks :), pretty Good price no .

as i read its Prologue page i got hooked up to it, and want to start it right then,
but somehow controlled myself to do so :), as i don't want to get bored during my journey.
I must say Durjoy and Maanvi (authors of both novels) did wonderful job.
ohh do i forgot to tell about there second novel just published some time back in August 2009,
Now that You 're Rich....Let's fall in love,
and its as awesome as OILY,
but still it portrayed sex everywhere,
but this is the naked truth of today's world.
Anyways I like the write up
I recommend it to all of you,
a Must read,Both novels are One Sitting Read till End novels,
so prefer reading it at night
as nobody will disturb you...

Tll then take care

Anjit :)


  1. hmm/....I don't like it you know.......I mean the novels...though both the writers have potential of good writing but seems having 2 writers on same novel messes up the story.....and about that "we love someone till find someone else better then He/She" I donno actually :P
    but for now i would say..I don't agree :-| :P


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