I too had a love story...

After getting recommendations of lots if my friends including Shubh,Rhan,Neha,Niharika,Raman,Bhopali,Aradhya and many more (i would have been killed if i hadn't mentioned their names :D)
Finally i found and bought the Novel I too Had a love Story ignoring few things which were in my mind,
and as per my Rule for reading (No novel can last more then one night), I completed this one in one sitting as well.
knew about the story well, as i already read its plot from Internet,
completed it 7/8th June ,in the way which i usually complete i.e. One Night Read....
I don't know why i was relating each and every incident with my life, though mast of them were not at all related.May be it was due to the name of the central character.
As novel reach to the end,
I felt so blue and I really wanted to cry hard, but believe me I didn't,
Somehow completed it with tears filled in my eyes,
and then moved out of home at 3:30 am,
took my bike and reach to the place, where I used to sit whenever I miss her.
I must read for everyone who ever loved, or want to be loved.

However this post is not about review of the book,
I am posting few verses from the book,
which i loved most, and want to share with you all,

The very first one goes like this:

Not every one in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.
Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it.

Another one which i love most and posted a poem based on these line earlier

तेरे जाने का असर, कुछ ऐसा हुआ मुझ पर,
तुझे ढूँढ़ते ढूँढ़ते, मैंने खुद को पा लिया.. ...

And the third one:

Days pass by somehow
But, nights are now a wagon of pain,
Injuries may heal with time
But marks will always remain,
Restless on my comfortable bed
I toss and turn and try to sleep
But thoughts are bulking my head
And have formed a huge heap
The past is flashing its scorching light beams
Tearing me apart, breaking me at the seams,
The darkness of my life is more visible in the dark
And now, I am trying to give it a voice, trying to speak my heart.

And somewhere in between:

I looked and my eyes were stuck on you
I tried to move the black in them, but they were stuck like glue

Looking at you for real, I noticed your eyes
That’s exactly where your entire beauty lies
So genuine, so honest, so beautiful, so deep
With a glint of light, some naughtiness did creep

Finding my dream coming true
I pleaded my shivering lips to bring out the words I had kept for you
There were so many things to say
I can remember none of them at all
But, I don’t lose with that, I do things my own way.

AnSh .. 

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