Book Review: In The Name of Love...R.I.P. (Nitya Prakash)

Book: In The Name of Love...R.I.P.

Author: Nitya Pakash
ISBN:  9788128838491
Publisher: Diamond Books
Book Courtesy: Nitya Prakash 

Just finished Nitya Prakash’s second Novel ‘In The Name of Love...R.I.P’ and if you will ask me to say three words that comes right after reading will be “Spy, Sex and Superb Storytelling”.

Since nowadays sex is an essential part of the story kick starts with a feeling of secrecy between the most charming man on earth and a beautiful lady that drives him crazy sometimes. This man is Agent Kabir Garg, who works for a secret organization called Trailblazer, which is working for the very noble cause of World Peace. Agent Kabir is on an assignment that deals with a lethal disease called Anthrax.

By above description you might assume Kabir Garg to be someone like James Bond, who is loaded with Hi-Tech gadgets and have a supercar to roam around, then I will ask you to hold the horses of imagination because there is nothing like that. Kabir Garg works silently, without doing extraordinary stunts that you see on TV. He can kill anyone, but he is a reasonable man, no reason No kill.

I really loved the way Nitya Prakash wrote Kabir’s behavior with minute detail. You won’t read any chapter that conflicts the story anywhere. Be it Kabir’s mindtalks that often take over his emotions or his decision making, everything is just so perfect. But since I know the author a little, in some places, I imagined Kabir to be Nitya! You can blame my perception for that.
But the novel is not just about Kabir, every character is written precisely around the gripping story that will force you to read the novel in one sitting. And that’s the only reason why I read it two days after I received my copy.  Every chapter tells the research done by the author. Though I know a lot about Anthrax, I must admit NOW I know much more of it.

Now the Conclusion part; 
I loved the storytelling, everything is written in precise and clear manner that you don’t need to strain your senses much. A spy being weak due to love is on old thing to see, but seeing him falling for every girl makes sense ;) . Nitya Prakash has done really unfair by keeping the length of novel really short but I won’t regret reading is twice. And If you too want something to read else then those regular Love Stories, that starts with in different manner, but mid and end part is always same, I will Suggest “In The Name of Love...R.I.P”. It’s a book that grips you so badly that you forget what you actually were doing right before start reading it.

One more thing I’d like to mention, while reading I actually thought I am Trailblazer!

Happy Reading :)

-AnSh :)

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