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I am standing alone in the dark night trying to figure out the things around me.
I looked up to see the moon, but it was hidden somewhere behind the clouds.
I saw a star shining so bright and it took my attention towards it.
I kept gazing on it with lots of thoughts running in my mind,
The sheen is getting dimmer with every thought, and after a while I lost the star.
Was that star meant to be lost or I was meant to lose it? 
May be I was never supposed to see that star?
Or was it just meant to cherish me to the little time only?

Does it have any relevance or again it’s just a mindless of mine?
I should listen to my inner soul which guided me till here now,
I don’t know I am on right path or not, but I have no option left.
May be its the same as when you start feeling alone you always get back to the times when you were with your loved ones
And those memories usually left you with so many questions which once needed to be answered but they remain unanswered.
Now I don’t want to leave any question unanswered.
 Fingers X'd

AnSh :)

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