From I-Love-You to I-hate-You...

When you hear that he/she is in a relationship or ‘found’ someone, it’s obvious to have different views from the people around you. But those who are in a relationship really don’t care for what other think of them, all they want is think of the one who is the one and it should be like that one. I personally feel very happy whenever I hear that any of my friends went to a committed state. And why not, if a lazy, highly insincere friend decides to go steady, its best thing to hear. The world looks a great place when someone is in love, even ugliest things look beautiful and futile talks becomes most important things to do. People start caring for them and for the one whom they see as their future.
But sometimes imaginations and high expectations make things flip on the sad and deserted part of life, yep the ‘Break-up’, when all promises becomes mournful lies, most beautiful places looks desolated, and sad songs are something that gives relief but only contributes in ease out tears. I have seen many falling in love and sadly the ‘Break-up’ count is greater than the ‘Fall-in-Love’ count.
When people are still the same, how feelings get changed?
When world is still the same, how meanings get changed?
It’s really hard to answer, even to those who are/were in relationship.
For now All I know is,

Someday , someone goes to a place,
And someone else has decided the same too,
They see each other, hearts feel a beat,
And finally the souls meet,
Things start to change,
They stay in each other’s hearts,
They often leave their near and dear ones,
And sometimes fight with them to stay with you,
Such moments makes weather always warm,
Warmth of love, true love….
Then one day,
Feelings start to fade,
Emotions start to be dead,
Words of faith becomes lies,
And world feels as if torn to shred,
You give up resisting,
Because you can’t take this pain,
And then weather becomes cold or it starts raining,
Once who were everything to each other become nothing,
They sit alone for days and weeks,
Keeps dreadful silence,
They often feel something that they haven’t named ever,
Isolation becomes remedy for every pain….

But does separation can hurt so badly?
Or is it something that we do in protecting our innerself?
When I was thinking of it and asked this question to ME, I saw someone very close to me, in my dream, and I hear these lines;
“Your heart is free from anything that can hurt,
Your Soul is nameless and can get any name,
Your Feelings and emotions are no longer the same,
And there is nothing left that You want to reclaim,
But still You call it ‘Okay’ and say “it’s alright”,
Because everything that You can’t have here,
Is what You can have in your dream every night…”

I guess now I know the answer :) 

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