Are we independent? Really?

Or we are 'in dependency' of the morons who takes salary of 80000 and their perks include money from 2G scam, S band Spectrum scam, CWG scam and thousands of such scams?
65 years and we are still "under development", why?
I know many are going to wear patriotism today because no one will wonder on it.
And I also know that it all will be changed on tomorrow.
We would be seeing The TriColor on the road being trampled by everyone.
I really never understood how people change so quickly; a day before they were saluting the flag and a day after they are just trampling and walking over it. Why?

I think we’ve forgot the fact that Unity brought the Independence, and now when we have the independence we are not united.

I still have a lot to say but for now I can only say “jai hind”


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